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The King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson’s Semi-autobiographical is absolutely inspiring!

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Exclusive Review: The King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson’s Semi-autobiographical is absolutely inspiring.

Exclusive Review: The King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson’s Semi-autobiographical is absolutely inspiring.

Scott Davidson, played by his son Pete Davidson in “King of Staten Island,” is not only inspiring but shines a light on personal struggle, loss, growth and of course, comedy.

Pete Davidson is best known for his role on Saturday Night Live as well as his personal shows as a professional and hilarious comedian.

Unfortunately, Pete Davidson’s father (Scott Davidson) passed away in the September 11th attack.

He was one of 343 firefighters who passed away while running up the stairs of the Marriott World Trade Center before it collapsed to the ground in the horrific terrorist attack.

Since, Davidson honored his father by getting many tattoos, which link to him in one way or another. Not only that, but he does use his humor as well, and if that’s his method, it’s perfect.

Isn’t it better to laugh and know your dad would be proud of you than hide what happened and how you feel?

That’s what is incredible about this semi-biographical film.

Exclusive Review: The King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson’s Semi-autobiographical is absolutely inspiring.
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It bleeds truth, cartsghammond explained it perfectly on IMDB.

“I have followed Judd and Pete’s careers pretty closely so naturally I was exited to see this movie. I wanted to see it in theaters but renting it for 20 dollars in my living room was my only option for now.

Pete has proved himself to be a funny guy and a competent actor, and even though he’s playing a similar character to his role in Big Time Adolescence, this is a big step forward in his career.

I think this movie will probably receive criticism for not being as funny as some of Judd Appatows other movies, but I don’t think this movie was aiming for a the same thing as Superbad and The 40 year old virgin. Judd often talks about how the key to making a good comedy is to make a good drama and add humor to it, this is the perfect example.”

Pete Davidson’s influence in the limelight.

At just 11-years-old, Davidson was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which makes him a great example to those who feel alone.

The character portrays Pete Davidson as a “pot-head,” and even addressed being caught smoking before a show in his dressing room.

Under those circumstances, Pete resorted to using marijuana in order to help him eat and perform without pain and spasms.

In case you missed it, here’s an in-depth look on Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s disease is a type of “inflammatory bowel disease,” and it’s not quite understood, therefore there is no cure. But what is known includes, running in families.

The bowel is attacking itself because the person’s immune system is “overreacting,” and in order to control or “tone down,” the symptoms a person must take chemo medications, including Methotrexate, Imuran, Mercaptopurine, Infliximab, Natalizumab, and Ustekinumab.

Crohn’s Disease affects segments of the bowel but most commonly the end of the small intestine (terminal ileum). But it can affect anything ranging from your stomach to anus. The inflammation can actually cause perforation of the bowel.

Potential Crohn’s disease complications.

These shots can be once a week or less depending on your GI’s recommendations.

Unfortunately, since these medications have blackbox warnings due to an increase in potential cancers including non-Hodgkin’s melanoma but most feared…

“Adult T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma (ATLL) is a rare and often aggressive form of T-cell lymphoma that can be found in the blood (leukemia), lymph nodes (lymphoma), skin, or multiple areas of the body. ATLL has been linked to infection by the human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1).”

Can you imagine?

For this reason, I feel that Pete Davidson is literally on-point with his honest ass documentary.

Struggling with Crohn’s and mental health is a bitch, let’s just be honest.

As someone who can relate to Pete, there was a full sense of understanding while watching “The King of Staten Island,” it’s truth, it’s blunt at times and it shows how struggles can make us behave, not that anything he did was morally wrong.

He was just trying to help the pain, the pain that comes with not being able to eat, and still hurting when you do eat, and spending 6-hours a day in the bathroom because that’s what Crohn’s disease does to you.

Pete wears his heart on his sleeve and for him to open up about “shitting a lot,” says more than you can imagine, especially when you face a disease that beats you down, daily.

Further, in 2017 Pete Davidson received the news of his borderline personality disorder from a specialist.

“There’s something wrong with me, like mentally.” he tells his partner in a scene.

Next comes addressing the difficulty of having a relationship with not only Crohn’s disease but a borderline personality disorder, the stigma is strong.

Crohn’s disease and mental health.

Unfortunately, due to the stigma, (and let’s be honest), those who are healthy and live a normal get a sense of fear knowing a person has x,y, or z.

Which then pushes them away because of their unwillingness to understand.

Like many, Pete Davidson may have his own set of trials but he uses his platform to inspire, yet still gets trolls, but that’s when a person spreading a message is doing something right.

Pete Davidson playing as Scott Davidson.

The plot around his character “Scott,” is fictional but the overall tone is true to Pete as a person.

With this intention, he also had those in the film who worked alongside his father in the past.

Finally, creating what has to be one of the best new semi-autobiographical films in 2020.

Last, if you haven’t seen “The King of Staten Island,” yet and you want to get some reality into your life, catch it on any of the following:

Fandango Live.
Apple TV.
Amazon Prime Video.
Redbox On Demand.
Google Play.

The film may not be full on comedy but that wasn’t their goal, all in all, I would give the film a IMDB rating of 9/10.

The King of Staten Island is truth and that’s what creatives love to do, share truth.

As a final point, Positive Celeb takes a different route on reviews, digging deep, relating, and sharing truth. It’s not just numbers and inconsiderate commentary to fill a slot on a website.

In truth, we hope you enjoy our content, if so, be sure to subscribe to our positive celebrity newsletter!

Blessed be.

The King of Staten Island – Official Trailer

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