My Mom Married A Monster

Welcome and thank you for stopping by, honestly, it means a lot to me to have the support I do. So, whether you are a new viewer, a daily reader or just passing through, thanks. I have been working very hard on my newest project “My Mom Married A Monster.” It’s based on a true story. I’ve adapted my novel into a screenplay as well and I hope that I can inspire you all to press on when life gets rough.

(If enough interaction I will be posting chapters daily. So, please stay tuned. Also, be aware that in my writing, I will be exactly who I am, meaning if my thoughts had swear words in them—there will be cuss words. This story is based on real, raw, emotion and I refuse to take that from the world. So please, if you have a problem with language, return home and read something more suited to fit your needs. Thank you).

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Imagine waking up every single morning afraid to leave your room because you knew that the abuse would begin. The words rang through my head like it was just yesterday. “You’re a cunt.” It stings. I always tried to be daddies little girl, I tried to love him no matter how bad he hurt me—but I was never good enough. “You have the power to destroy this family.” I never understood why he constantly told me I was going to destroy the family—until now.

This is not only a dedication to the loved ones in my life, but I hope for this to be a story of influence, strength and reason to continue on no matter what you go through in your life. My hopes and aspirations are to constantly inspire. My goal will be reached if I can just touch one person’s life, help them to never give up and to provide a meaningful, true story for you.

My Mother is the champion of all champions. She stood behind me from the moment I was born, she defended me and pushed me to reach my goals. She’s not only a champ because she loved and raised me. She’s a champion because she married a monster. If I could ever be the woman she is right now at this very second, I will have considered my life a success.


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