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Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!

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Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!
Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!

Las Vegas offers a wide variety of entertainment options. One of those is a highly rated show called FANTASY, at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. FANTASY is currently celebrating 19-years of success on the strip. The girls who perform the show put a lot of passion, time and hard work into their top-notch production.

As an adult show, the girls do an amazing job at putting on a provocative, yet quite classy performance, packed with sensuality and humor. Lorena Peril, who hosts FANTASY, has an amazing personality and is also a talented singer. We had the opportunity to interview her at the Luxor recently and learned so much about the show and Peril.

As they all make FANTASY what it is, we have to give a shout out to the incredibly talented ladies and Sean E Cooper! Together, they give you the fantasy experience you’ll be glad you didn’t miss.  And as a classy performance, you can enjoy with your friend or significant other.

Lorena Peril started singing as a small child at her father’s church. She shared:

“I was born in San Francisco. The most expensive city in the world. My mother is from Mexico. She became a citizen 5-years ago. I sang in my fathers church. Ever since he bought me a karaoke machine as a child I was hooked. I taught myself how to sing. My little brother Marco would join me with some dancing as well.”

Eventually leading her to a professional singing career. She began her professional journey performing in the local Bay Area clubs and festivals. Through her incredible talent, she started to make a name for herself.

She was born to perform—to entertain and entice audiences with her shining personality and talent. Peril has taken part in many opportunities, including auditioning for “The Voice,” and “Sin City Bad Girls,” at the Hilton, where she met her current husband, Ray Jon Narbaitz III.

But her ultimate goal wasn’t reality television. What she really wanted was to headline a show in Las Vegas.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!
Lorena Peril performing with the cast!

Peril has a long resume, filled with incredible opportunities she has taken on, but it was her dream to become a headliner. She shared with us:

“My goal was to be in a show on the Las Vegas strip! And with a lot of drive, hard work and dedication I made that happen. When I finished my contract with Carnival Cruise Lines. I decided to try out Las Vegas. I noticed an audition posted for Fantasy. The timing wasn’t right as they were not looking for a full-time singer.”

Eventually, with Peril’s motivation, ambition, and commitment, she was able to make her dreams become a reality.

“In 2010 I auditioned once again for Fantasy. The timing was right! I did it! I was so thrilled! Anita Mann believed in me and gave me the chance of a lifetime. I love my job so much. I look forward to going to work 6 nights a week. My job may look easy but it takes a lot to host a show. It’s not just singing… it’s performing and entertaining. It’s keeping an ever-changing audience captivated on a nightly basis.”

We think that’s awesome she had so much support. As for my mother and I (who went to the show together), we were thoroughly entertained the whole time. It was also one of her first real Las Vegas shows and we loved her personality!

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Lorena’s personality and dorky side amplifies the show. My mother commented that she sounds like Tina Turner. She humbly replied, “Aww I’m flattered!”

We started talking about Ariana Grande’s vocal range and during our interview she was able to hit the same high notes as Ariana. Her voice is absolutely incredible!

There are many misconceptions that people have about topless shows. Many tend to have negative views toward dancers. As FANTASY falls into those misconceptions, we talked to Lorena about her thoughts on the matter. We also talked about what differentiates FANTASY from the other shows in town.

“FANTASY is a sexy, classy, entertaining, and hilarious show. For couples and singles. The women love the show! Not only do we have incredible talented stunning women. We have the hilarious Sean E Cooper. He has the audience in tears from laughter. Our show is not just sexy. It’s entertaining every single night. You never know what Sean and I are going to do or say next. We’re off the cuff. That’s what makes our nightly show exciting and unique. The reason this show has been running for 19 awesome years is all because of Anita Mann. She’s a genius. Emmy award winner. Amazing producer, director and Choreographer. She makes the show fresh every year. Never the same show. We just celebrated 19-years here at the Luxor.”
Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!

FANTASY is all about giving you the best experience whether you are attending with a date, spouse or friends. It doesn’t matter your gender. It’s just that good.

In fact, women who bring their husbands are often surprised.

“A lot of couples come to the show. Women are louder than men. And I just love that! I try to empower the women. Sometimes I even hit on them just a little bit and make them feel beautiful and comfortable. Sometimes, to be honest, they hit on me too.”

And Peril truly does empower the women. It’s remarkable when you see shy faces begin to interact with not only the girls, but those they sit beside, laughing, clapping with smiles ear to ear. We shared how everyone was having a great time during the show.

“You’re right! I was looking around while you were interacting and everyone was into it, interacting and having a good time.”

The genuine attitude that Lorena Peril carries with her throughout the show is priceless. She really knows how to light up a room.

“Thank you! Yeah! And it has to be genuine.”Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!

We asked about what the typical work week is like for her.

“I perform 6 nights, but we do lots of promos, red carpet events and I also perform a lot of national anthems, for example. and I also perform a lot of national anthems, for example. I recently sang the national anthem at a Golden Knights game!”

Wow! That’s a busy schedule! We’re proud of Lorena for all she’s accomplished throughout her career. The hard work was quite lucrative, and as a result, Peril received an impressive award for “best female entertainer” in Las Vegas. She really deserves this award.

“I [got] an award on November 7th for the best female entertainer in Las Vegas. I’m so humbled.”

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When Lorena Peril isn’t on stage entertaining, she’s out making a positive difference in the world. We talked about her favorite charities and philanthropic efforts.

“One of my favorite charities is Opportunity Village.  Yearly, they have their Christmas lighting and the Santa run. We Give a lot of our time and support in this community. We Love to give back! That’s what’s great about working in Fantasy for Anita Mann productions. She has a big heart.”

Peril even loves to write music. She shared a little with us about her plans for the future.

“I’m not just a cover singer. I also like to write. I have a few originals, but it’s time for a change. Something more raw. More of who I really am as an artist. My husband knows me better than myself as an incredible singer/songwriter. He and I met in a show years ago. We have so much chemistry musically. I hope to put out a new album soon. That’s what I want to do. I don’t want fame. I just love what I do. I love my job and making people feel good, six nights a week. That’s so satisfying to me. I stay humble because of my beginnings.”
Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!

Those humble beginnings really do help us grow and work hard. It’s important to never forget where you came from, and that’s something Peril knows very well. Life is a gift. Hard work, determination, and support from your loved ones and fans are a blessing.

Peril shared a little more about Anita Mann (FANTASY’s producer) and how she helped her turn dreams into amazing opportunities.

“Anita Mann, the producer of this show, is just amazing. Fantasy wouldn’t be as successful as it is without Her. She has her incredible team. I thank her to have given me an opportunity like this! I work hard and I will continue to do so. I’m so grateful.”

As a result, the audience gets nothing less than impeccable performance. The moment you see Lorena Peril walk on stage, you can feel and see the talent and passion in her genuine performance.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!
Lorena Peril and Sean E. Cooper!

FANTASY is far more than a simple performance. It takes a team and a good one at that. Anita Mann has some of the best people on her side!

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Undoubtedly, the girls have an amazing crew helping them make others laugh, enjoy their vacations and create memories with those they love. If you haven’t seen FANTASY in Las Vegas at the Luxor, be sure to check it out. We highly recommend it.

By all means, stay up-to-date on the latest of Lorena Peril’s journey by visiting her official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And next time you’re in Las Vegas, see the show, say hello and don’t be shy, the girls are amazing!

Blessed be!

[Images via Instagram, Fantasy Luxor Instagram].

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Lorena Peril, the host of FANTASY, talks about the show, philanthropy and more!
Third time seeing FANTASY, the girls are awesome!

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Lorena Peril performing “Proud Mary,” at Monday’s Dark. Benefiting the Children’s Heart Foundation!


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Life After COVID: Are you ready?

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Life After COVID: Are you ready?

“Life after COVID-19,” should be a phrase people are excited to read and hear. In fact, some have already transitioned back to pre-pandemic habits and schedules. But not everyone feels relief and excitement about life after COVID.

Anxiety, Depression and personality disorders play a role in mental health as well as overall well-being. And when one feels anxious about change, the idea of returning to normal sounds great to the extrovert. But the introvert is dreading life and it’s challenges.

Extroverts And Introverts See Life After COVID-19 Differently.

Extroverts generally love to go out with family and friends. They are the perfect example of living life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, introverts can have a hard time communicating. And it’s not because the person is being “rude,” but a lack of self-esteem.

Honestly, life after COVID-19 isn’t going to be an easy transition. Having been through trauma even doctors, and nurses are still mentally healing from the pandemic.

How many lives they’ve seen lost to this virus. Of course people are scared to return back to normal.

Reality has been scary, and life after COVID-19 is no different when it comes to fear.

Returning To Normal Should Be Exciting, Or So They Say.

While most want to return to their old lives. There are those we have to look out for and encourage because it’s not easy to welcome change. Both positive and negative changes can cause an equal amount of anxiety.

Anxiety is also just running high in general because people haven’t really had contact with other people in big settings which were a norm before the lockdown.

As we enter a new life post-pandemic, it’s important to remember there are people around us who are having a difficult time, and you never know where a person can be with their mental health.

What else happens with anticipating a return to normal?

The most common things people may find themselves fearing include:

We can’t ignore the fact that people are still getting sick. The fear of contracting COVID-19 even as vaccination numbers increase is real.

Further, there are those who aren’t vaccinated, and that is a choice they have to make, while it has a cause an effect, it doesn’t mean you should think “time to disrespect and belittle antivaxxer.”

As long as you practice safe social distancing rules, the chances of contracting COVID-19 go down, as mentioned on the media.

Then comes the life after COVID-19 mental health issues.

Haven’t you ever had to say ‘no,’ to someone because you just didn’t feel like socializing? As humans, we have this natural tendency to please others in order to feel good for ourselves. And it’s a downfall because saying ‘no,’ is okay.

Your mental health comes first, so as we enter into our new norms… be kind to yourself and others, smile because you never know who’s day you might change. It’s the things we do for others in life that improve the world.

Don’t lose sight of the positive changes coming your way, it really doesn’t rain forever. And you aren’t alone, we are all transitioning back to normal.

And if you need somebody to talk with because you feel overwhelmed, it’s okay to reach out to a friend, or family member. But if you want to talk to someone outside of that, you have options as well,

Let’s keep on keeping