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Positive Celebrity Gossip and entertainment news is a global website that focuses on multiplatform brand for all things that are related to entertainment, pop culture, lifestyle and the positive side of Hollywood.

They are the breath pop culture, delivering exclusive breaking news and in-depth celebrity coverage, red carpet live streams, TV scoop and spoilers, lifestyle trends and tips, and what’s viral today.

Additionally, Positive Celebrity News is innovative, has original video production capabilities of culture and entertainment, with a voice that’s edgy, viciously hilarious, politically aware–and draws a loyal following of young and influential trend setters who are up to date with what’s hot in society.

Positive Celebrity News has an unparalleled reach across all digital platforms and is the go-to destination to connect with young, influential, trendsetting consumers—anytime, anywhere. Positive Celebrity News is the No. 1 platform for Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment news.

About Laura Monique.

Laurara Monique - PCG magazine
Laurara Monique – PCG magazine

Positive celebrity gossip (PCG magazine) was created by Laurara Monique Margosian in 2014.

Further, PCG magazine has been called a “safe zone,” by many celebrities in the industry. The official PCG magazine Twitter has many high-profile support and fans. Every good story pushed forward brings back positivity for not only talent but their fans as well.

“The point of PCG magazine is to inspire. I love working in the film industry and I’ve worked with some amazing people on set. They deserve to shine because they work hard. Unfortunately, the media loves to make up news for clicks. That’s not my style, at PCG magazine, we are here to help you further shine. Our interviews are safe, there will never be a twist in words and we strive to constantly provide news that is accurate rather than speculation. Truthfully, getting the full story can be hard but when you pay attention to what celebrities do on their own time, like charity, you begin to realize what humble and loving examples they are to the world.”

That’s what we focus on at PCG magazine. The good and positive celebrity, film and entertainment news. And we love all of our readers and talent who have supported us over the last 3-years. It’s always an honor to do exclusive interviews with those who have talent are enjoy to share the good they do in the world and in their careers.

And we are excited for the future of PCG, we’ve had an awesome time interviewing some incredible talent including:

  • Lorena Peril (Fantasy star of the show and host).
  • Sean E. Cooper (Fantasy host comedian).
  • Kenny Holland
  • Anjelah Johnson
  • Temecula Road
  • Dove Meir
  • Bruce Beatly
  • director Tony Gapastione (best known for his film “Neighbor”)
  • Mattie Faith
  • Calysta Bevier (AGT), We Three (AGT) , Brody Ray (AGT),  Duo Transcend (AGT) and Rob Lake (AGT), and Shin Lim (AGT) 

We’ve also had the pleasure of working with this year’s American Idol contestants Garrett Jacobs, Jonny Brenns .

This year has been a lot of fun and we thank everyone for all their great vibes!

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Daniel Radcliffe talks charity, his favorite role and more!

PCG magazine is aimed to be the catalyst for these stories, and ultimately the ‘go-to’ source for philanthropists, Hollywood public relations and good organizations alike. She has morals and she loves to put people up and make them shine as they deserve!

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