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Michael Shannon Reveals His Romantic Side At Sundance Film Festival’s Filmmaker Lodge!

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Sundance Film Festival always kicks off to a great start and I doubt it’s ever going to change. Michael Shannon made way to the Filmmaker Lodge this week to talk about his highly anticipated film “Frank and Lola,” in front of our live audience. And can we just say, he did a fantastic job with just being himself and his honesty was very much appreciated by the audience.

Frank and LolaWhen asked “What made you want to do a romantic film?” Michael Shannon couldn’t help but respond with a smile on his face stating:

“Cause I’m a romantic guy.”he continued laughing “Well, I’ve had girlfriends… I have children actually… So, yeah, it must be some component of that. No, I mean, they are both for difference reasons. I like them both.”

The Film Frank and Loa was directed and written by Matthew Ross who is an award winning director, screenwriter and Journalist out of New York. Matthew has an excellent writing style and really knew how to pull in the audience with this film.

“Frank and Lola,” is about noir love story that pulls on your emotions—it’s very relatable. Michael Shannon describes the film as having a 70’s vibe to it, stating:

“It almost had like a 70’s vibe to it.” He continued “I play a man named Frank, whose a chef in Vegas, a very good chef, he’s opening a small restaurant, hoping to get a larger one and this woman Lola comes into his life and he falls madly in love with her. And she’s got a dark and checkered past, which he finds out about and… it slowly…. kind of “undoes him.”

Matthew Ross opened up about the films production, stating:

“Everything that could have gone wrong when we were making it happened,” first-time writer/director Matt Ross said, “and then when it came together, it came together in the best possible way.”

It’s one film you won’t want to miss during the Sundance Film Festival—and if you weren’t able to make it to the panel, you can check out the video below. But so far, the film has been getting some positive feedback. Have you seen the film? And if so, without giving away too much information, what did you think Lauraramoniquers?


Michael Shannon and Jessica Hall Talk Films at Sundance Film Festival 2016

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