Positive Celebrity Exclusive: We Three talks America’s Got Talent and the loss that started their journey! | Positive Celebrity News and Gossip

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: We Three talks America’s Got Talent and the loss that started their journey!

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Positive Celebrity Exclusive: We Three talks America’s Got Talent and the loss that started their journey!

America's Got Talent - Season 13
We Three – (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent (AGT) showcases a range of undiscovered talent. Among which, there are many talented musicians. Recently, a sibling band from Oregon, called “We Three,” auditioned. But the siblings—Joshua, Bethany and Manny—are more than just a band. They are siblings with inspiration and purpose, hoping to make a positive difference in the world by sharing their story through their music.

PCG had the opportunity to talk with them about their experience on the show so far. We gained greater insight into their background and what started them on this new and exciting journey with AGT.

Bethany shared their story of being discovered, and how things lined up so perfectly for them:

America's Got Talent "We Three."“You know, we actually thought about auditioning for a show. We always had people approach us being like ‘you should go on American Idol or you should do The Voice,’ and we never did those because we

wanted to stay together. We feel like we are stronger together. We wanted to stay together and it seemed like the best option. And then AGT reached out to us. They found us on Instagram. They just saw a picture of three siblings that looked like they got along… I don’t know why the stars aligned, but they sent us an email. We ended up getting in contact via phone. I honestly thought it was a joke at first. I had to pinch myself. I couldn’t believe it. And then I was like ‘okay this is happening.’ And so the process started, and right away it all felt good.”

Bethany felt the show would be the best fit for them and that it would allow them to be themselves and continue to grow as a trio. She shared:

“The show is so cool. Especially the fact that every act is different. And we could just be us, a band. We wouldn’t have been able to do that on any other show. And so we just felt really confident. And it felt like the right time. So we just kinda moved forward.”

We Three brought a lot of emotion onto the stage, and shared it with the audience through their incredible talent and perfect harmony. Each of their unique talents come together to create amazing music. Joshua is able to play the piano and drums at the same time. And Manny writes music and plays guitar. And Bethany plays bass. They manage to do a lot for a group of only three. Bethany shared:

“When we were first contacted, in my first conversation with one of the casting producers, it was like a phone interview,We Three on Father's Day! asking about us and what we do. And I just explained how Joshua plays piano and drums at the same time. We try to create a big sound with just three people. There’s been opportunities for us to have other people to join our group. But we’ve always decided we just want it to be the three of us.”

During the show, it was revealed that their father played in his own band and his mom had a beautiful voice herself. It’s a gift that’s certainly passed down to Joshua, Manny and Bethany. One they can carry with them for life and share with the world. During their interview with AGT, there was no doubt they would be on the show. AGT wanted to know if their parents would be attending the show, however, Bethany had to share about their mom’s passing:

“That’s when I had to tell her about mom, dad would be there but mom had passed away. She asked more about that story and when she got more details, she asked if we would be comfortable telling that story. It was all kind of up in the air. We didn’t know if that would be right or if that is what they would want, and we instantly thought of the song which Manuel wrote before the show even reached out to us. I was like ‘If they want us to tell a story, then this is the song we have to do.’ And all three of us, without even saying anything, thought the same thing. It was a hard decision to choose that song. It’s so personal, and we had never played it before for anybody. And I almost didn’t think we would ever play it. It was a therapeutic thing. And when we submitted it, it took us a while. But we submitted it. We felt like we made the right decision. And they loved it. The reactions we got from them were amazing. And we just thought ‘Wow! If they’re reacting this way, then maybe America will really connect with the song.’ So we moved forward.”

The song they shared, “Heaven’s Not Too Far,” has become a song that many can relate too. We Three opened up about loss and being in a “state of shock.” And knowing that you are, in fact, going to lose someone you love is not easy. We asked what type of advice they would give those going through similar trials. Bethany shared several important insights that helped them as they were grieving the loss of their mother:

“I think, when you’re in the process of losing somebody… gosh, you’re just in a state of shock. It depends on how long of a period you have. We had four months, it was very quick. For some people that’s a long time. There’s no comparison to loss. Never try to compare one loss to another loss. It’s loss. When you’re in the middle of it, just take advantage of every moment you have with that person. I think that’s obvious. But when it comes to afterwards, you have a lot of people telling you how to grieve and the stages of what you should be doing and experiencing. I think that it’s important to recognize that everybody deals with it differently. And it’s okay. I remember I had someone who just constantly told me whatever I was feeling is okay, and you’re valid for feeling what you’re feeling and you don’t have to feel bad for it. If I couldn’t go to work for one day, I had another person telling me that’s okay. You take the time that you need. Just having people kind of give you permission to not be okay is a really, really important thing. We always tell people to find somebody to talk too. Even if it’s one person, find somebody to talk too.”

We Three sibling band on America's Got TalentHow true! It’s absolutely important to find people who support and love you through times of grief. We all go through these moments in life, whether it be a friend or family member. Losing those we love is one of our biggest trials in life. And being surrounded by those who push us to stay strong, understand your deepest feelings and hold us up, is vital to working through the process of grief in a healthy and constructive way. As Bethany said, you cannot compare one loss to another loss. We all go through the stages differently and we all have a different path to cope and heal.

As viewers, we felt the emotion and love We Three poured into “Heaven’s Not Too Far.” But as any band stepping on the big stage, they had no clue how their performance would conclude. In fact, they were expecting some constructive criticism. But as their performance wrapped the audience clapped, some were in tears and the judges all stood up clapping in awe. We wanted to know what was going through their minds and how they felt about it all, as well as what their favorite part was. Bethany shared:

“All of it. We just felt like it was a dream. We were like: ‘I don’t know what’s happening right now!’ We kind of felt like we blacked out. And when we got off stage, we were like ‘Sooo… what happened?!’ And my uncle was so cute. He’s like: ‘I wrote everything down, so in case you guys forgot what they said, it’s all written down.’ And I was like: ‘Please tell us, because I don’t remember all the words that they said.’ We kept waiting for them to say something negative. That was literally what I was thinking, which is fine because criticism is good. So we were just prepared and waiting for a negative comment. And then there wasn’t one. And that’s when I was like ‘Oh my gosh! okay.’ And we walked off the stage and we felt pretty good.”

America’s Got Talent isn’t just about finding the right talent. It’s also about inspiring artists to continue their dreams even if they don’t make it all the way through. It’s a learning experience. One that many will never forget. We were curious what We Three has learned so far into their journey and with busy schedule:

“I think for all of us, we work well under pressure. We don’t have to be as afraid of it as we thought. You don’t know how you’ll react in a high pressure situation until you get there, and we just feel like they gave us some confidence in what we’ve done so far in our career. And a lot of the stuff that we learned is going to apply in the future. Especially with high intensity situations. We recognize it’s going to happen. It’s been really good practice for us having constant, high intensity ‘We gotta get this done, we need this, we need this!’ It’s been good. It’s taught us work ethic and that we’re on the right track.”

The trio’s father attended the audition, and couldn’t have been more excited. But Bethany shared that he didn’t know about the audition right away. She explained:

“We didn’t tell him right at first, because he has wanted this for us… forever. I think we waited a week. Just until we knew it was for sure, because we didn’t want him to have his heart broken if it didn’t happen. It was like he might be more sad then we are if this doesn’t happen. And a lot of our family, too. We would have been super bummed, but we waited until they called back and they were like ‘The producers love your story. They want to move forward. Can you send us an audition?” That’s when we told him.”We Three siblings band

We Three wants everyone to know, if you are looking to audition for America’s Got Talent, to enjoy the journey, not just achieving some goal. Bethany said:

“Enjoy the journey. It’s not about getting to a destination. If you’re only waiting to get somewhere, you’ll probably never feel like you got anywhere, because once you reach one goal, you’ll wanna reach the next goal. For us, we keep saying: ‘We’re going to enjoy the journey. We’re going to enjoy the ride. And we’re going to work really really hard, whatever the outcome is.’”

Fans can be strong, positive and influential as well. Bethany chuckled, talking about how much of an impact the support of their fan base has had so far:

“Oh gosh, overwhelming. I think I didn’t understand what a fan base is until now. But we just feel so much support, and we just want to connect with people who are commenting on what we post. Everything they say is so positive. They take time out of their day to watch our videos, to follow us and all of our stories. We haven’t had that on such a big scale before. That’s been pretty humbling. And it makes us feel like ‘Okay, we want to put out some really great content for those people who believe in us and care about our music.’ It’s inspired us. We feel super, super blessed.”

We Three fans, you’ve done an amazing job at inspiring these siblings to keep working hard. Keep listening to their music, commenting, and sharing the positivity.

America's Got Talent - Season 13
We Three – (Photo by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

After a successful audition on AGT, the siblings and their family celebrated and watched their performance on TV. They all headed to Bethany’s house to view the episode:

“All of us got to watch it at my house, east coast time, which was fun. My husband actually recorded us watching for the first time so we could see our reactions, which was hilarious. I was just freaking out. The boys had no expression on their face, and I couldn’t even sit still. That’s just how we are.”

After having a get together at Bethany’s house, the trio then celebrated with their aunt. Bethany said:

“We ended up watching it again at my aunt’s house, as just a small group of family. And our town actually threw two huge watch parties, and they didn’t even know if we were going to be on the episode because we couldn’t tell them for sure, which is hilarious. Thankfully, we were on the first episode. They threw those huge parties and we just stayed at our aunts and kinda celebrated and had lots of food and hung out.”

We’re glad they had such a successful performance and such well-deserved celebration. We look forward to what they have in store. We asked what we can expect coming-up. Bethany said:

“We have so much content coming, music-wise. We will also have another behind-the-scenes vlog of our second audition.”

We can’t wait. We’re excited to see where their journey takes them. If you haven’t seen their AGT audition, check it out below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Blessed be.

[ All images are credited to We Three and America’s Got Talent ]

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