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Alex Hager Releases New Single, “LA Girl”

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Alex Hager Releases New Single, “LA Girl”

“You’re an LA girl, living in a world, where money rules the streets, and followers mean everything. You’re an LA girl, living in my world, where you don’t need to be, like everybody else I see,” on-the-rise music artist, Alex Hager, sings on his newly released single, “LA Girl.”

Alex Hager Releases New Single, “LA Girl”
Alex Hager Releases New Single, “LA Girl.”

Originally from Seattle, the 22-year-old independent singer-songwriter wrote the upbeat, summer song based off of his experiences in Los Angeles seeing women conform to the society’s beauty standards, rather than expressing their genuine selves.

“I see stunning girls who have this beauty inside and they try to mask it with all these plastic things,” Hager says. “I want them to feel like they are enough because they truly are. [This song] is kind of my shout out to them.”

Although he expected the Los Angeles culture to be relatively the same as what is portrayed in movies, Hager explains that experiencing it was a whole new ball game. From witnessing how men viewed and treated women to how women conformed to the materialistic culture, he became frustrated.

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“It’s an unfortunate situation,” Hager says. “Essentially what I think has happened is that guys have objectified women so strongly. Over the last decade, it’s become so much more unrealistic. [Women] get viewed as an object, so girls are conforming to that objective lifestyle.”

In middle school, he was inspired to learn guitar after developing an interest through playing the video game, “Guitar Hero.” When Hager began high school, he experienced conformity due to the pressures and standards placed by his peers.

Alex Hager Releases New Single, “LA Girl”
Alex Hager

He was bullied for playing guitar because it was not the “cool” or “popular” thing to do, which led him to set his passion aside.

As a young female myself, I can admit that I have fallen in the trap of trying to display myself as someone who I am not, simply to gain followers or fit in with the unrealistic perception of beauty. With the pressure of having long eyelashes, big lips, and a perfect body plastered on social and print media, it is difficult for young women not to feel insecure.

When I first heard Hager’s new single, I immediately compared it to Alessia Cara’s multi-platinum single, “Scars to Your Beautiful.” Likewise to Cara, Hager hopes that young females will not only be able to relate to his song but will be inspired to be themselves and shy away from materialism.

“My intent isn’t to assault those [who have plastic surgery done], but to let those that feel inclined to let them know that they don’t need surgery or followers to feel special or be beautiful,” Hager says.“You don’t need to be everything you see in a magazine.

“LA Girl” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Itunes, now! For more information on Alex Hager, visit 


Alex Hager – LA Girl

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