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Reddit community carries on Mac Miller’s legacy.

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Reddit community carries on Mac Miller’s legacy.

Losing Mac Miller wasn’t easy for the music community, family and friends. But, fans have found themselves mourning his loss still because of the huge impact left on the world.

This Reddit community is called “Mac Miller,” and there’s nothing but positive vibes coming from all 12k subscribers.

Daily, fans will post throwback pictures, tattoos and even art of Miller. Honestly, Mac, man, inspired a lot of people, from all over the world and they share those stories daily. It’s a strong community with respect and love.

Fans of Mac Miller can find comfort and love if you’re going through a hard time in the community as well. Many of spoken about their own internal battles. Sharing personal stories and how each of Mac’s songs seemed to fit perfectly into their life.

Mac Miller and Dylan as kids.
Mac Miller and Dylan as kids.

It’s damn emotional.

We’re glad that there are communities like that out there, where family, friends, and fans can find comfort and just talk. After all, Mac is the one who said he always worried about “what legacy he would leave behind [if he were to passaway].

It’s safe to say, Mac Miller left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. He left behind love, he left behind stories of struggle (that people feel are relatable) and strength.

Most importantly, Malcolm James McCormick, you will always be loved, missed and remembered by the world.

Blessed be.

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