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How you can be an icon in your own life.

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Hell, what’s the point of having a blog if you don’t update it, right?

Welcome back, and if you’re new, here’s a quick run down. Right here, on Positive Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment news, we focus on the positive in our world. And to us, we are all celebrities.

What actually separates us from say Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendez?

Seriously, don’t tell me “their wallet,” because money does not define you, at all, as long as you choose to define yourself, and your goals.

Much like a celebrity can be a “normal person,” you can do the reversal, be a fucking celebrity.

Yes, we are up-front and blunt at times, but we are in 2022, get over it, and let’s continue this shitty ass advice (just kidding, Crohn’s humor).

Truthfully, there are going to be a million times (at least it feels like) where you will doubt yourself, but have you ever, honestly, bluntly, asked yourself “Why can’t I do it? Especially if someone else is living my dream, at this very moment.
Further, isn’t life about surrounding yourself with people who will pull you up, rather than destory your self-esteem?

But, haven’t we all made what felt like “dumb,” decisions?

Yes, not one person in this world is perfect, and regardless of where you come from, or how much money you have, being a celebrity might be defined as “a famous person,” but what is fame compared to family?

Unfortunately, they can’t say but, I assume celebrities would say family, and us, we would say fame.

It’s not always greener on the other side, that’s why it’s your job to become a celebrity whether in real life, or within your talents.

Seriously, even if you perform at a bar, and get up on that stage, shout out to you because personally, giving speeches terrifies me, and so does my voice, yeah, so we don’t want that to happen.

Lastly, this post is to update everyone on why Positive Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment news has been fairly quiet.

COVID19, come on guys, when do those with busy schedules (Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, etc) spend time with family?

Hardly, ever.

As American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and some of our other favorite TV shows gear up, you can count on some exclusive interviews.

So, go get them you celebrity, (yaas) and never let anyone bring you down. And stay tuned to Positive Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment news, for the latest positive, good side of hollywood and our world.

Blessed be.

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