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Life After COVID: Are you ready?

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Life After COVID: Are you ready?

“Life after COVID-19,” should be a phrase people are excited to read and hear. In fact, some have already transitioned back to pre-pandemic habits and schedules. But not everyone feels relief and excitement about life after COVID.

Anxiety, Depression and personality disorders play a role in mental health as well as overall well-being. And when one feels anxious about change, the idea of returning to normal sounds great to the extrovert. But the introvert is dreading life and it’s challenges.

Extroverts And Introverts See Life After COVID-19 Differently.

Extroverts generally love to go out with family and friends. They are the perfect example of living life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, introverts can have a hard time communicating. And it’s not because the person is being “rude,” but a lack of self-esteem.

Honestly, life after COVID-19 isn’t going to be an easy transition. Having been through trauma even doctors, and nurses are still mentally healing from the pandemic.

How many lives they’ve seen lost to this virus. Of course people are scared to return back to normal.

Reality has been scary, and life after COVID-19 is no different when it comes to fear.

Returning To Normal Should Be Exciting, Or So They Say.

While most want to return to their old lives. There are those we have to look out for and encourage because it’s not easy to welcome change. Both positive and negative changes can cause an equal amount of anxiety.

Anxiety is also just running high in general because people haven’t really had contact with other people in big settings which were a norm before the lockdown.

As we enter a new life post-pandemic, it’s important to remember there are people around us who are having a difficult time, and you never know where a person can be with their mental health.

What else happens with anticipating a return to normal?

The most common things people may find themselves fearing include:

We can’t ignore the fact that people are still getting sick. The fear of contracting COVID-19 even as vaccination numbers increase is real.

Further, there are those who aren’t vaccinated, and that is a choice they have to make, while it has a cause an effect, it doesn’t mean you should think “time to disrespect and belittle antivaxxer.”

As long as you practice safe social distancing rules, the chances of contracting COVID-19 go down, as mentioned on the media.

Then comes the life after COVID-19 mental health issues.

Haven’t you ever had to say ‘no,’ to someone because you just didn’t feel like socializing? As humans, we have this natural tendency to please others in order to feel good for ourselves. And it’s a downfall because saying ‘no,’ is okay.

Your mental health comes first, so as we enter into our new norms… be kind to yourself and others, smile because you never know who’s day you might change. It’s the things we do for others in life that improve the world.

Don’t lose sight of the positive changes coming your way, it really doesn’t rain forever. And you aren’t alone, we are all transitioning back to normal.

And if you need somebody to talk with because you feel overwhelmed, it’s okay to reach out to a friend, or family member. But if you want to talk to someone outside of that, you have options as well,

Let’s keep on keeping

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