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PCG Exclusive w/ Calysta Bevier: Her battle with cancer & inspiring journey!

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PCG Exclusive w/ Calysta Bevier: Her battle with cancer & inspiring journey!

Calysta Bevier

Have you ever wondered where your favorite artists get their inspiration from? What events in their lives push them to write the lyrics and music they do? In our exclusive interview with an America’s Got Talent winner, we take a look at those very questions with an up and coming star, Calysta Bevier.

Simon Cowell is known for being tough when choosing the talent in competitions. He’s like that, in my opinion, because he wants to be sure that those he chooses are going to go all the way and rise to the top. He wants to choose the best of the best. He’s known best for American Idol, and now he’s doing a great job on America’s Got Talent. There are times Simon can make chills run through our body. And that’s exactly what happened when Calysta Bevier took the stage, ready to show off her talent, not only to the judges but to the whole world.

Calysta Bevier wowed the "America's Got Talent" judges during Tuesday night's show. The 16-year-old Ohio native told her emotional story of overcoming stage 3 ovarian cancer and moved the audience to tears with her rendition of Rachel Platten's "Fight Song."

Calysta Bevier not only has an amazing voice, but her life trials have inspired her to follow her dreams, to inspire and help others know their worth. The gorgeous 16-year-old singer and songwriter blew us away with her version of “Fight Song,” originally sung by Rachel Platten. It was the perfect choice of song because she’s a real fighter, a soldier. And her positive light radiated off her on that stage. And her story only added to the power of her performance.

Calysta Bevier was only 15-years-old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Imagine that! Cancer has taken some amazing talent, people and children in this world. And being only 15-years-old made her journey that much more inspirational. And she gave everybody chills when she shared her story with the judges and audience for the first time.

Speaking with Calysta was an honor. We wanted to know how she felt when she found out about her ovarian cancer diagnosis because her positivity on stage and in her rendition of “Fight Song,” had so much power. We knew right away she would be inspiring millions of people across the globe. Her positive attitude didn’t cease during our phone interview. She opened up right away and you could tell she was ready to inspire. She said:

“I was already in the hospital to get my tumor removed but after they removed it they had to biopsy it.. And doing that whole process of waiting… I was pretty positive about it.. I kept thinking “I know I don’t have cancer,” “I know that’s not gunna be my final diagnosis.” I’ll be fine after this.” So, when I did get the news, it was obviously heart breaking that I had cancer, but I knew that I was going to get through it.”

My goodness, that positive attitude is indescribable. And we’re super proud of her for staying strong even though it wasn’t an easy journey. But her love for music didn’t start on America’s Got Talent.

Calysta has been singing since she was 3-years-old. When we asked her how old she was when she found her love for music, it became apparent this was her destiny. She said:

Calysta Bevier“I mean like when I was little, pretty much from the time I was 3-years-old, up until now, it’s always been a dream of mine. Ever since Ellen got ahold of me. And America’s Got Talent and being on that stage, it’s not really a dream anymore, it’s more reality, it’s absolutely amazing and awesome and I’m so grateful for that… When I get to sing in front of crowds that’s when I know when I know I want to be a singer.”

Did you know she sang at many school talent shows and won many of them? She told us:

“Singing in front of crowds started in Junior High School. It was just my school talent shows and stuff I won those which was cool and fun for me. But then making that switch from singing for fun and then actually singing for people and trying to get a message out through my songs and through the songs that I’m singing. That’s definitely what changes that message and I wanted people to feel my songs more than I had before.”

And girl, we can feel the power in ALL the songs you sing. You’re beyond inspirational, your light shines bright and you never give up, that’s how we should all be when bad things happen in our lives.

Like many of us know, trials can be difficult and tiring, but they can teach you a lot if you let them. Calysta had to be strong, not only for herself but for her family and friends. Afterall, it’s them who helped her the most while kicking cancers butt. She said:

“Definitely having everyone around me, my whole community, my best friends and my family. They were the ones who are always there for me and they were strong for me when I couldn’t be strong. I also tried to have a positive attitude and outlook on everything because, I mean, I could be negative but why would I when I’m going to have cancer either way. So, I just decided to be positive as much as I could.”

It all started for Calysta when she sang at a kids benefit. She has always wanted to help children that are fighting cancer. Her dad recorded her singing “Fight Song,” and it was when he uploaded it to Facebook that everything started to change. You could tell she was smiling by the way her voice sounded on the phone. She said:

PCG Exclusive w/ Calysta Bevier: Her battle with cancer & inspiring journey!“I was on Ellen DeGeneres in December. [But that happened because] I sang at a kids benefit around October. My dad recorded me singing ‘Fight Song’ there and he put it on Facebook and the video kinda went viral. Everyone had seen it, from everywhere, like all around the world. Ellen picked that up and I was on her show. And then after Ellen, a few months later I tried out for America’s Got Talent and I got Simon’s golden buzzer and that was amazing.”

I have to say, Simon standing up, giving her a hug after hitting that golden buzzer made me speechless. I felt the chills shoot up and down my spine after watching the video. And the best part was seeing her mom smile and cry tears of joy. It left me speechless and ready for more performances.

Calysta may love to sing, but she also wants people to learn and live life to the fullest. When we asked what she wants others to learn from her, she told us:

“This is a quote that a lot of people know, but live life to the fullest because you never know what obstacles life is going to throw at you. So you know.. As much as you can, even when you’re trying to get through those obstacles, you know, stay positive and live your life as full as you can.”

PCG Exclusive w/ Calysta Bevier: Her battle with cancer & inspiring journey!And she couldn’t be closer to the truth, because in this life we all plan for a tomorrow but sometimes, our plans don’t quite go as planned. It’s important to live life to the fullest, live in the moment, and accept and love what you have now. Otherwise, you’re just wasting the precious time you have left, and you never know how long that could be, right? We’re so glad that she was able to stay positive, kick cancers butt, and help others stay strong during their fights and trials.

Calysta loves music. That’s no secret. She opened up about her musical inspirations saying:

“My musical inspirations would probably be… I’ve been listening to Jewel since I was a little girl and she has amazing lyrics in her songs, so Jewel. And since I was little I was listening to Tori Amis and I’ve been wanting to learn [how to play] a piano now. I just got one actually. And my favorite artists that I listen to a lot are Melanie Martinez, The Neighborhood, and Lana Del Rey.”

And if you’re ready for more music and performances then stay tuned because she’s been working on new music and Calysta promises a strong message. She told us:

“I just started writing songs and I have new songs that I’ll be putting out after America’s Got Talent, and those all have a really strong message.”

And not only that but she’ll be performing on America’s Got talent again on August 2nd. Her tone was happy as she dropped the exclusive news on our phone interview. She said:

“My first live show that I’m going to be on for America’s Got Talent is going to be on August 2nd. And please, vote, vote, vote.”

PCG Exclusive w/ Calysta Bevier: Her battle with cancer & inspiring journey!It’s going to be great seeing her perform on that stage again, and we’re sure her family, friends, and fans are excited to see her performance.

Girl, we are super proud of how far you’ve come. And we know that August 28th will mark your first year of being cancer free and that’s one heck of a thing to celebrate. We’ll be there with you in spirit as you spend time with your family and friends.

And if you guys are ready for a fun fact, we really wanted to know how Calysta refreshes her creative juices on her spare time. She’s going to have to teach me a little more about her hobbies because she loves makeup, writing and more. She said:

“A lot of my spare time, I do my makeup, I do random things on my face. I love experimenting with makeup. I like to sit down and write in my room, not just songs, journaling, getting down different feelings and different thoughts, and I play with my brothers, and just a lot of family stuff and hang out with my friends.”

If you haven’t seen her interview with Ellen DeGeneres check it out below, and don’t forget to watch her audition for America’s Got Talent because it will give you chills. Let us know what you thought in the comments below and stay tuned for more positive celebrity gossip.

Blessed be.

Calysta Bevier on Ellen DeGeneres

Calysta Bevier on America’s Got Talent

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