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Sawyer Auger, his rise to fame & new single ‘I Need My Space’

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Sawyer Auger’s EXCLUSIVE interview with PCG!


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“There are always going to be people that say you’re not good at what you do or you don’t have what it takes. You can do one of two things. You can listen to them or finish what you started. One of the proudest things I have done in my music career is that I have not given up. To all my fans out there, I will never stop making music. This is what I love and who I am.”
-Sawyer Auger

Sawyer Auger, I Need My SpaceSawyer Auger is a 23 year-old singer and songwriter who left everything behind to follow his dreams. Auger was born in a small village in Connecticut called “Gales Ferry Village.” And his love for performing started at a young age, as PCG learned. He told us:

“Ever since I can remember… I have always been an entertainer, it’s what’s in my blood. I have known nothing else. Since I was little I would put on shows for anyone who would watch. I started off doing magic for my sister’s sports teams and anyone at camps I did during the summer. After that, I went on doing comedy and impressions just trying to get a reaction from the audience. Something about performing made me happy. I can’t explain it. From that it went on to dancing and perfecting my moonwalk in about 6th grade. When I got to middle school, that’s when I really got into music, listening to bands like Blink-182. The first time I played a guitar was in 5th grade. I always wanted to play the drums but I don’t think my parents wanted to hear me bashing on them all night long so that never really worked out. My brother got a guitar when I was in 5th grade for a music class he was taking in high school! I would sneak down at night and take his guitar into the basement and play for hours and hours. When I got caught my parents decided that it was time for me to get my own guitar. My first guitar I ever got was a baby blue Fender Squire, first thing I did was put a Blink-182 sticker on it. Haha. Ever since then I haven’t been able to put down the guitar.”

The amount of love, passion and time Sawyer has put into his music is unbelievable. And he hasn’t stopped releasing fan-favorites like “California,” “Comin’ in Hot,” “One Night Stand,” and “What The Hell Do I Know.” Auger’s music makes you want to get up and dance and his songs get stuck in your head. They’re also very relatable. I remember the first time we had the opportunity to speak with Sawyer. It was out by Universal Studios and he was jamming out on his guitar, like you might expect from the star that he has made himself through a lot of hard work. And with the experience he has accumulated from his time performing, we wanted to know if he had a favorite place to perform. Sawyer plays over 300 shows a year, making it hard to pick one. He told us:

“I probably play 300 shows a year! So there are a couple shows that stand out for a few different reasons. One show that sticks out was back in CT in mystic village. I played at a Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.19.38 PMrestaurant called “Boathouse,” and I couldn’t of been any happier. I think this is when I realized I could do this for a living and that I just needed to work my butt off… Another show that sticks out to me was the first time I ever played in Los Angeles. It wasn’t really a show, it was me playing on the street on Hollywood Blvd. However, to me it felt like I was playing at the Hollywood Bowl in front of millions. I traveled across the country and left everything I know because I believed in myself so much and when I got to Hollywood, the first thing I did was set up and played on the street. It was the beginning of my journey. I think one of the biggest shows that stands out to me most is playing at the 5 towers stage at Universal City Walk. I remember when my parents came out to visit me, I took them up to city walk. When we went up there Jason Derulo and Jordan Sparks were performing on the 5 towers stage at City Walk. It was packed! I remember saying to my dad ‘I will be playing on that stage one day, you watch and see!’ He said, confidently, ‘I bet you will.’ A year from that day I was playing on that stage at City Walk, it was a pretty crazy moment for me. The harder you work the luckier you get.”

And we couldn’t agree anymore with Sawyer Auger. It takes hard work to get where you want in this life. He’s the real definition of “following your dreams and taking action.” And if you’re a Justin Bieber fan then get excited, because one day they may be collaborating together. Sawyer is on board. He told us:

“If I could collaborate with anyone, it would have to be Justin Bieber. I think he is one of the smartest artists of our time. He created his own fan base and then got in a bidding war between Usher and Justin Timberlake to get signed. He knows the game and he knows what works. Plus his music is number one everywhere. I would love to learn from him and work with him on a new acoustic project. I love when he plays acoustic songs, just his voice and his guitar.”Sawyer Auger and his big brother

And when it comes to his “dream tour,” Sawyer couldn’t help but mention some of the best artists we all love to listen to. He said:

“My dream tour would be traveling the world and opening up for artists like Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Justin Bieber and Tori Kelly. I think my music would relate to their fans and it would be a great way for my music to be heard by thousands!”

Sawyer Auger has a unique sound and he’s open to always try new things including working with an EDM artist. He told us:

“I would love to collaborate with an EDM artist. I think that because our style of music is so different, we could make something no one has ever heard before, which would be pretty awesome!”

The creativity is always flowing with Sawyer Auger, especially in the way he writes his music. He mentioned:

“I write my songs by what other people say, really… Sometimes I will be talking to someone and something they say will stick out to me and I will write it down. It usually ends up being the chorus of the song, and then I write around that one sentence or phrase.”

There’s some exciting news for Sawyer’s fans and those of you just getting to know him. He’s releasing a new song, called “I Need My Space,” on March 3rd. You can even pre-order the song now. Sawyer is pumped for the release. In his own words:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 11.38.19 AM“I have never been so excited about a song before. I have two albums out already, but this new song that I’m about to release on March 3rd is something that I am super proud of… It really represents me as an artist and the sound is something different from all of my past works. My buddy, Wayne Miller, produced the track. And let’s just say, he is a Wizard with what he does. All I can say is that you won’t be able to get the song out of your head and you’ll be playing it on repeat.”

And if you love his jams, get ready. Because there’s even more exciting news. To quote him:

“I’m in the works of doing a college tour very soon and working on a new album. The song ‘I Need My Space,’ is the first song on the album.”

And if you want to see him locally in California you’re in luck, because he performs a lot. He said:

“Besides that, I have six shows a week, so come on out to my next one.”

Sawyer Auger is brave and inspirational. He’s right about having two choices when a person brings you down. In his words:

“There are always going to be people that say you’re not good at what you do or you don’t have what it takes. You can do one of two things. You can listen to them or finish what you started. One of the proudest things I have done in my music career is that I have not given up. To all my fans out there, I will never stop making music. This is what I love and who I am.”


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Lauraramoniquers, we are glad we had a chance to talk with Sawyer. We are super excited for what he’s produced and what he has in the works. We can’t wait to jam out to his new music. And don’t forget to pre-order his new single “I Need My Space.” Let us know what you thought of his new single in the comments below, visit his website and share the love. Huge shout out to Sawyer Auger for the hard work and inspiration. You stand out among the rest and you are the perfect example of what it takes to follow your dreams. Keep up the great work and thank you for inspiring your family, friends and fans!

Blessed Be!

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