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Kenny Holland: Exclusive Interview, review and VIP experience!

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Kenny Holland: Exclusive Interview, review and VIP experience!

Kenny Holland
Kenny Holland B.O.A.T.S Tour | Salt Lake City |

DSC02205Do you remember when artists made music to celebrate it with their fans? We’ve all had that moment attending a meet and greet where we were shoved around like cattle and didn’t get to know the artist, their music or personality. But that’s not the case for Kenny Holland and his team because they seriously go the extra mile and he’s proved that with all of his tours including his 2016 B.O.A.T.S tour.

Kenny Holland started playing piano at just 8-years-old. And his love for music didn’t fade. Kenny continued playing music anywhere he was allowed including high-school events. And it all started because he never gave up and he’s made a name for himself at 22-years-old. The literal tall, dark and handsome musician has over 580-thousand followers on Twitter and more than 114-thousand followers on YouTube.

But it all started when he downloaded the popular app “Vine,” he has 1.9 million followers (that’s impressive AF) and it’s because his talent, personality and music. His family, friends and fans love the way he harnesses his talent and shares it with the world. Kenny is all about making a positive impact in the world and when we asked him what he would tell anyone having a hard time he opened his heart saying:

DSC02210“I would say, one always be yourself and to not let anyone get to you and not let anyone’s judgement affect you but going hand-in-hand with that don’t judge others and just spread love, that’s what I’m about, just positive vibes.

He’s a rock n’ roll lovin’ hottie with a style of music that’s impossible to not love because it’s relatable and rhythmic. Kenny has worked very hard defining himself and everything he represents. And it’s not just his fans who have noticed his talent because he’s opened for artists including Demi Lovato, Aaron Carter and The Summer Set. Holland also had the opportunity to work with Wesley Stormberg (best known for his single “Fire,”) as they both attended the 2015 DigiFest tour.

His ‘devlish,’ smile, rockin body, voice, personality and music captivate his fans. Holland produces and writes brilliant music, he’s different and you can pick him out of a thousand different artists because of his unique and hauntingly beautiful jams.

Kenny Holland kicked off his B.O.A.T.S Tour on May 27, 2016 at the “FonoGenic Studios,” in Los Angeles, California. And it was just three days before his FIRST sold out show at “The Loading Dock,” in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was nothing less than successful! When I walked into the venue first thing I noticed was the energy level all the fans had while waiting in line for a VIP session with Kenny. I arrived just as they were doing sound-checks and I couldn’t help but go and meet his fans as they screamed for the camera “Kenny, kennny, kennnnnnnyyyy, I love youuu.” I knew it was going to be a great event, the vibes were nothing less than positive and fun. And every fan had something positive to say about Kenny and his team. We wanted to know about future projects because we love everything he’s brought to the table and fans are craving more music as well. He opened about future projects with an excited tone:

“Yes, I can give a little bit of information. I’m working on a lot of new style, a lot of new direction. I finally feel like I have a really clear direction of where I want to go and where I want to take my musical sound and everything, definitely working on new music coming soon and, you know more tours, just continuing to work hard and connect with fans.”


And when we asked how his tour kicked off and he was doing, he couldn’t help but show excitement for how great it’s been going saying:

“I’m good my voice is getting a little tired, I’ve been trying to rest it with teas and not talk at all, the tour has been amazing. It’s been a little different than previous tours I’ve done, I’ve been on some bigger tours as an opening act. So this is my first headlining tour as the main act. And, so it’s a little bit of smaller venues and everything but the fans have been amazing and the turn outs have been amazing and just the connection in these intimate settings has been so so, awesome.”

Well, that’s what up right there, working so hard his voice was going out, luckily a Utah fan brought him a heating pad to help with his sore-throat, how sweet is that? We all have a dream and since Kenny loves music so much we wanted to know what an ideal dream tour would be, he said:

“Man, obviously it goes out saying that I would love playing a stadium some day and performing for thousands of thousands of people but I’m really cool playing for any amount of people because I just love to play.”

There’s no doubt our mind that he’ll be performing even more in the future, that’s for sure. He’s fun to be around and it shows in his personality. When we asked him what song he likes to belt out in the car or the shower he laughed saying:

“Man,in the car, in the shower, I love to rock out to a bunch of different stuff. I love the Chili Peppers (Otherside, Snow ‘Hey, Oh’) and all the old classics but I love to rock out to anything that bumps.”

DSC01881Those are two of my favorite songs, I learned “Other side,” on the guitar back when I lived in Las Vegas, great throw back and memories. Kenny felt all the fans were great but Utah was topping the list for him but fans everywhere were “connected and influenced by the music,” on B.O.A.T.S tour saying:

“Favorite State? Dude, Utah is the first sold out show and it has been amazing so far, we haven’t even played the show yet and it’s been my favorite. But every stop has been a complete blessing and each fan out there has been so connected and influenced by the music. And for me the artist that means so much.”

The gamer girl in me had a fun question for him. It’s one of the most important questions a person will make in their life. It defines your battles, right? Haha, Kenny’s full of electricity and it’s contagious):

“I’m an Ash Ketchum lover sooo, i’m going to have to say Pikachu but the man/girl? (laughs).”

And the gamer in him loves the PS4 because he’s happened to own every-single one of them since the existence of the PS1 (haha, remember the mini white one?) He said:

“I have had every Playstation since one… So i have to say PS4.”

And when it comes to owning a bird or snake he’s going to go with “Snake,” he said:

“Probably a Snake,” to which I replied “They’re so creepy,” and he continued “Yeah, they are…crazy. I think they’re cooler than birds.” I began laughing because I have three Cockatiels, So I had to pick on him a little about that response teasing “I have three.” He laughed replying “ Oh man, wrong thing to say.”

And when it comes to old school gaming, he loved playing Sonic saying:

“ I used to play Sonic on Sega with my Uncle, who’s actually here tonight.”DSC02078

Films can deliver big messages and I love asking everyone this question because it says a ton about their personality. Kenny shared (what I feel is) one of the most touching films made as his favorite saying:

“The Pursuit of Happyness.”

And the infamous, cliché question everyone wants to know if willing “What’s your celebrity crush?”

“My celebrity crush has got to be Julianne Hough with the short blonde hair. She’s a doll. She’s gorgeous.”

And since we were able to interview before the show, so we asked how pumped he was and he was excited he was to play for Salt Lake City, Utah saying:

“So stoked, we’re really excited the fans have been really exciting thus far and we’re gunna come out with a few surprises tonight,” including giving the VIP meet and greet a performance, crowd surfing and just blowing us away with his music.

It was a blast celebrating the success and music with Kenny Holland. We sure hope to have you back again because you brought positive, loving people together for a great night, fun, laughs and memories people will never forget. The whole tour was amazing as was the concert, if you haven’t seen Kenny Holland live yet, don’t worry, it’s just like he said he’ll be doing more tours soon! If you guys attended the concert at “The Loading Dock,” let us know in the comments below! What was your favorite part of the night? And did you learn anything new about Kenny? Sound off and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube and Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip with those positive vibes, all the time!

Blessed be!

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