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Vanessa Deliz Touches Souls With Her Unique Voice & Sound!

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Vanessa Deliz Touches Souls With Her Unique Voice & Sound

Vanessa Deliz is a singer-songwriter with one of the most unique and defining voices of this decade. She was born and raised in the beautiful “Sunshine State,” of Miami Florida. After graduating, Deliz made way to Metro-Atlanta and continued pursuing what she loves to do most in life and following her dreams.

It’s Vanessa’s unique tone, talent and personality that led her to some fantastic opportunities, including opening for Grammy-award winner “Bryan Adams,” on August 5, 2011. Adam’s live concert was a completely sold out event, at “The Fredrick Brown Junior amphitheater,” in Peachtree City, Georgia.

And when it came to opening up about the event, Vanessa described it as very memorable, stating:

It has been the most memorable, musical, experience to me as of yet,” And even Bryan Adams thought she was quite impressive during the show, saying:

How about the girl Vanessa, wasn’t she great? And it’s no doubt, this woman can sing, as the audience truly adored every aspect about her including her style, tone and vibe.

Vanessa Deliz also has the wonderful opportunity to perform as the opening act for Richard Marx. And her loving and humble attitude couldn’t have been more grateful as she reflected on the moment, stating:

This was another experience that I was so fortunate and blessed to have. I’m very grateful about the opportunities I’ve been given in my life. I’ve always been thrilled about how amazing it is to be able to create your own music and express how you feel to others, knowing that if at least one person understood how you felt then that’s all that matters.”

That’s what’s up right there, having talent and sharing it with the world is a blessing. Family, friends and fans love the hard-work she puts into her songs—and the emotions truly show as she sings, zoning into her guitar as she closes her eyes, it’s a world that every musician loves and we couldn’t be more grateful because music is life.

One of Vanessa Deliz’s most impressive performances took place at the Arena Tavern this year—and it’s safe to say, she’s going places. Her cover of “Zombie,” by the Cranberries was beyond perfection.

Her voice carries not only in the Arena Tavern but all over the world as she continues to record, create and film her music. Family, friends and fans can’t get enough of Vanessa Deliz and her unique style, Dallas Miller from Utah, describes her voice as “chill and relaxing,” stating:

“Vanessa has a great voice. The song is really chill and relaxing. It sounds really professional as well. After listening to a few of her songs, she’s really good at making them her own by putting her own twist to them. Definitely a great singer and great at playing her guitar!”

And according to some fans, she’s electrifying, leaving comments, including:

“Exceptional voice, with a bit of cranberry juice. She was very comfortable with the audience. She was putting out some kind of electricity, I’ve gotta be honest I did get chills listening to her sing.”

And her voice has even traveled to Europe. Loredan Banulescu was nearly speechless, stating:

“Her voice touches your soul.”

It takes a very special person to bring out a sound, unique enough to touch the souls of thousands—and I couldn’t be more impressed. Music has a way of helping people and it definitely has it’s way of touching the soul in ways that are indescribable. And people like Jared love the fact that they could relate, stating

“Vanessa’s sound is different, you could pick her out of a crowd. She’s fresh. I like her sound, the way she interacts with the audience but the best part is how her voice helps you relate to the words of the song. She’s great. I like this cover and would love to hear more.”

And isn’t that what creating music is all about? It’s about doing what you love—and when others can relate or connect, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Brendan Warkentin even felt she was reminiscent of “Michelle Branch,” stating:

“Vanessa is a passionate and caring individual, with a strong voice and incredible musical talent. Her music is somewhat reminiscent of Michele Branch, but unique. She really expresses her feelings personally well as she sings.”

Luke Potter expressed that she “sounds awesome.”  And Sascha Cassy from Utah is ready to see her live, stating:

“That was freaking amazing, such talent both her vocals and the guitar, you can see her passion and love for music in her performance! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration! She continued “I would love to see her live I caught myself singing along with her! She is great”

Vanessa Deliz, consider our studio your biggest fan, keep being you and holding true to everything that you are because you have a lot of talent. And a voice that carries. It’s carried through your city—and now it’s carrying through each of our Lauraramoniquer’s. Thank you for being a positive influence in this world and following your dreams.

That’s what’s up girl, if you haven’t heard her rendition, you can check it out below. Don’t forget to sound off in the comments below! This woman needs to be on American Idol. She would make it all the way!

Blessed be!


Vanessa Deliz – “Zombie” Cover.

Vanessa Deliz Slide – Check errrrr out!

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