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Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Mattie Faith talks her journey and family!

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Mattie Faith Music

Mattie Faith has it all guys, she has a beautiful voice with amazing range, creativity, talent and persistence. Mattie constantly strives to be a positive influence for everyone she meets in her life. Mattie is a singer and songwriter who has used YouTube to rise to fame through her “Mattie Faith Music,” channel. And in less than a year she’s gained more than 48,000 subscribers from her live performances, covers and fun vlogs. And she’s always going above and beyond to make a difference in the world. The music she shares with her family, friends and fans have such a unique tone and you can tell it’s Mattie’s unique rendition making her music stand out among the rest.

Mattie Faith started singing at an early age and in such a fun way, it didn’t matter if she was about to clean her room, take out the trash or help her family clean up around the house. She loved music and at just 2-years-old it became obvious that she had musical talent and it ‘just happened,’ she said:

“I first started singing when I was about 2-years-old. It kinda just happened, my mom and dad said I would make up a song for everything I did. Like when I would go clean my room, I would just sing about that and people would tell my parents that ‘I’m pretty good,’ and that’s kinda how it all started.”

One of the most precious abilities we have in this our lives are our talents. They are our gift to share with the world and we are certainly glad that Mattie has been able to share her God given talent because they not only help inspire others and that’s just like giving God a gift right back, it’s like saying ‘thank you,’ and what’s better than giving thanks? And the best part about sharing your talent is that it helps you grow, learn and eventually you follow your dreams just as Mattie has in her life.

Mattie Faith has amazing support, especially when it comes to her family and friends. She shared this excellent memory about being on stage and hearing her aunt scream and shout in support of her performance and it’s hilariously cute. She said:

“During any performance my family and friends would show up there and they would be singing and screaming. I did BCG idol one time and all you could
hear was my aunt screaming her head off (laughing) Oh my goodness… And my dad always prays with me before I do performances, so it’s pretty cool.”

And the support she gets from her fans blows her away on a daily basis, she’s beyond thankful, saying:

“It’s a really nice feeling, it’s nice to know that people are caring for you and everything.”

And I always wonder, what kind of music could Mattie be listening too? I mean, she blows me away with her voice, personality and drive. It wasn’t surprising when she told us a little about Tori Kelly and how much she loved how ‘she never gave up,’ during American Idol saying:

“Definitely, Tori Kelly, she is just amazing, I love her story… How when she was on American Idol and Simon voted her off and she didn’t let it stop her from going on and doing bigger things and she worked and worked and worked for who she is today. And she is HUGE today and she’s still amazing. Definitely her (Tori Kelly).”

And there’s no doubt about that, Tori Kelly worked really hard to get where she is and Mattie is on the same track (she’s going places) and it’s because she doesn’t give up and she works for who she is today. She doesn’t stray, she pushes herself and she stays positive even if/when others are negative. And that’s what we’re all about positive vibes.

That’s what’s up girl, you’re a true inspiration and we know you’re going to continue to help others follow their dreams and shine through sharing your talents and music. When it comes to growing with her voice that’s no problem, Mattie is taught by one of the best vocal coaches in the industry and it just so happens to be the same vocal teacher that Tori Kelly has used to sharpen her singing skills since she was 9-years-old. She opened up saying:

“I actually met her over Skype (Tori Kelly). My vocal teacher is her vocal teacher and she called in for a Skype session for warming up and I got to meet her, that was really cool.”

And before Mattie started doing covers of popular artists songs like Adele, Tori Kelly, Justin Bieber and even Charlie Puth she was into country, saying:

“When IMattie Faith Music PCG Magazine was a lot younger all I would sing is country, that’s all I sang was country. I really liked Carrie Underwood, she was a big one, obviously she loves the Lord and she has an amazing voice. She was a big influence.”

Mattie is inspirational and she loves helping her fans stay motivated. There are a lot of aspiring artists out there and Mattie wanted to tell them to never give up, to be proud of themselves and to keeping following their dreams saying:

“Just keep trying—no matter what other people say… They’re just haters and they’re jealous. That’s what I’ve learned. They’re just jealous and wish that they could have as much talent as you. You have to just keep following your dreams. And surround yourself with people that love you and that are very positive. For one bad comment there are a 1000 positive ones.”

And she couldn’t be closer to the truth. There are always going to be a lot of haters, no matter what you do in life. Making that career out of the things you love to do may not sound easy but if it were easy everybody would be doing it, right?

Mattie clearly knows what she’s doing and we’re so proud of her for everything she’s doing for her career taking flight because she’ll be able to inspire so many others and she already has inspired so many of her YouTube, Instagram and Twitter followers.

Mattie doesn’t just listen to the music she loves, she turns on that Pandora and listens to everything that comes on the station. Giving her a great selection of music to learn from and sing to when she’s enjoying her own personal time.

“I honestly listen to what comes on on Pandora, that’s all I listen too.”

And we couldn’t help but ask, what would Mattie be doing if she wasn’t into singing? Well, another one of her talents is dancing. She said:

“I really, really would want to dance. IF i didn’t sing, I wish I would be born with the talent of dancing. I could watch dancers all day long. I love watching people who can dance who are really good. I mean… I’m not bad but I’m not amazing. I would love to dance. I always dance in my room. I love to dance when nobody is looking. That’s just one of my other talents.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.53.44 PMDancing is amazing and it’s awesome to know that she loves to dance. And that’s when she opened up about an absolutely fun memory from elementary school saying:

“When I was in elementary school, in fifth grade I was in choir, we had this spring show. And we did it in front of the whole school. We were dancing to this one song (The Bernie) and I started doing it. Once I started doing it. EVERYONE in the audience would start laughing and I would stop and do a different dance and then everyone would stop laughing and then I would do it again they would laugh really hard and I was like “oh my goodness, this is really funny” so after that we went to recess and everyone came up to me saying ‘oh you were so funny that dance move was amazing,’ and I don’t know how it happened but everyone just started to call it “Mattie,” and they were like ‘do The Mattie, do The Mattie.” And it made me feel super cool and popular. It was really funny.”

Mattie loves all types of music and wouldn’t mind venturing into different genres like “indie pop,” saying:

“I was thinking like “indie pop,” something like Jack Johnson. I really like his new music. It’s super calming and stuff like that, I love that music so that.”

As for fun and unique talents… We couldn’t help but wonder, what other fun talents does Mattie have?

“I can wiggle my ears. I don’t know when I was 3-years-old my mom said i was in the bathroom and I was staring at myself and wiggling my ears and I said “mom I care wiggle my ears,” and she thought I was just grabbing them and then I showed her and she was like “oh my gosh you actually CAN wiggle your ears.” And everyone is always like “What the heck,” (laughs).

Mattie brought herself to where she is at this very moment and she loves her fans who take the time for listening in and leaving lots of love on her YouTube videos and Instagram. They inspire her and make her feel ‘happy inside.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.57.43 PM“If I could say super inspiring, it would have to be about my fans. On Instagram they’ll write really long paragraphs about me and how I inspire them and how I’m sweet and can sing and that makes me feel happy inside cause it’s really sweet for them to say stuff like that.”

If you haven’t seen Mattie’s YouTube Channel, you can check it out at “Mattie Faith Music,” and don’t forget to subscribe. There’s some fun news coming out and she’s actually getting ready to release her single “Get Ready,” and they’re currently filming the music video. She said:

“My single “Get Ready,” we are actually filming the music video right now and that’s going to come soon. We just have two morescenes to film and then we’ll be done. I’m so excited for that, like really, really, really excited.”

And we’ll leave you with one more fun talent, she’s a professional gum chewer (reminds me of myself in high-school), she loves gum, she laughed saying:

Mattie Faith Music“Okay, so I think this is one of my talents, a really weird random one. I think I’m a professional gum chewer. It’s in my blood, okay, even when I had braces, I would choose gum nonstop and it’s just a thing for me. I crave it so much and when it runs out of it’s flavor and I spit it out and then I put a new stick in. I’m obsessed with it. So.. I”m a professional gum chewer.”

One amazing thing that we learned about Mattie is that she has an amazing connection and bond with her family. She loves her whole family and looks up to both of her parents because they are excellent examples and always want the best for her and the bright future she has ahead. She shared this cute picture on Instagram on Fathers Day of her dad, brother and of course, herself!  And it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, captioning it:

“@mattiefaithmusic: Happy Father’s Day dadda!! You are truly the BEST DAD EVER!!! (sorry guys my dad is the best dad 😉) You make me laugh all the time even when i don’t want to, and you are a great and wonderful example to Malachi and I. We love you to the moonScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.41.42 PM and back ❤️”

And she absolutely love’s her little brother Malachi. In a post she shared how he was leaving to camp with their church and they are very close. They made adorable duck faces with Pringles chips and she didn’t cease to leave a loving caption writing:

 “Alright so tbh I don’t know what the heck Malachi and I are doing in this picture. I think we were trying to be ducks, but with pringle chips 🐤 Anyways, Malachi deserves this post. He is going away to summer camp with our church for a week. I’m going to a summer camp as well, but a different one..if you really know our relationship, then you know that we are super close!!!!! So, I guess you could say that this is a #malachiappreciationpost but its more than that. It’s more of a I’m gonna miss you/I’m very proud of you post (:”

And her relationship with her amazing momma (Michelle) is just as strong. She uploaded a picture on her moms birthday captioning it:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.45.00 PM“ITS MY MOMMAS BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!!! Happy birthday to the most amazing mom ever!! You have many special qualities that make you amazing! For example, you’re kind, smart, beautiful, loving, caring, you still love Malachi and I even when we screw up 🙈😬, you’re thoughtful, you ALWAYS think of others before yourself, you drive Malachi and I EVERYWHERE!! 😂 You’ve been and continue to be VERY supportive through all my music mayhem!! 😉 I could keep going but this caption would never be finished! Anyways, I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever!!!! Malachi and I got sooooooooooooooo lucky to land a great mother like you!! ❤️❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗”

Mattie Faith is beyond inspirational and talented, words cannot describe how amazing she is as a person and singer. Check out some fun pictures below, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to her “Mattie Faith,” YouTube channel. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter that way you can stay up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip and news! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Blessed be!



Hallelujah (LIVE) Cover by Mattie Faith


Mattie, family and friends!

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