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7 Thought Provoking Questions You Should Ask Yourself!

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7 Thought Provoking Questions You Should Ask Yourself!

There are so many questions that people have about the world. (But don’t you ever feel like in order to understand the world, you must understand yourself? I say this because if you understand yourself then you can better go about your life with expectations that are attainable and you’ll be asking questions that help lead you to your goals, dreams and overall wants in this life). Challenging yourself with thought-provoking questions can help better define how you see the world and even help you love yourself (but you have to be open) because you’re willing to ask a deep thought-provoking question in order to gain a better understanding (of whatever subject you’re questioning).

And there have been some questions (that I’ve asked myself) you may like to include in your journey. (Always remember that there’s never a right or wrong answer to your questions because you should always go with what your heart tells you ‘feels right’).

If not now then when?

This question is important because in life we tend to put things off and that can slow our dreams down. I was always told to ‘never save what can be done today for tomorrow.’ And I think that this thought-provoking question falls perfectly into that statement. Always go about your days in a way that you can achieve your goals and feel accomplished.

It’s the best feeling in the world.

2. Are you holding onto something you need to let go?

This thought-provoking question can dig pretty deep, huh? Well, the truth is there are millions of us in the world and we have ALL gone through different trials in our lives. These trials can cause us stress, sadness and even deter us from our goals in life.

So… If you’re holding onto something that you feel might be slowing you down then maybe you should move forward in life. You could think about closure in whatever might be on your mind.

3. Do you ask enough questions? Or do you settle for what you are told and already know?

This question is merely meant to teach you to ask more questions. If you don’t ask questions you can’t learn and we should always be learning something new everyday. Challenging yourself is the key to growing in a positive manner.

4. What makes you smile?

This thought-provoking question is easy but it can be hard because we have to make choices in life. And when you make choices there is always a cause and effect, right? But the truth is you should always be doing what makes you smile in life. (It’s too short to worry about what other people think about your choices as long as they lead you in a positive direction). And life without smiling is no life at all.

Have you asked yourself this question lately?

5. If you had a friend who thought and spoke to you in the very same way you saw yourself, spoke to yourself and credit yourself. How long would you be friends with that person? How long would you allow them to be in your life?

This thought-provoking question falls right into self-esteem. Have you ever noticed how giving somebody advice and telling them “you’re so amazing and strong,” is easy but when it comes to complimenting yourself, it’s a joke?

It should be that way, ya know… You should always believe in yourself and look forward to each day you get to spend with your family and friends because they enjoy your presence even if you don’t feel that way 100% of the time. People love you and you should always try to see yourself through the same eyes that those who love and support you, see you through, even if it’s hard.

You’re special in every way possible and deserve to see it and feel how special you are to everyone in your life.

6. When was the last time you went outside your comfort zone?

This one isn’t hard, the more you go out of your comfort zone, the more fun you’ll have in life. Thought provoking questions don’t always have to feel like you’re opening an old wound. It can be about creating new memories and life.

When is last time you did something that scared you? Maybe… just maybe it’s time to go do something you never thought you would do in your life.

7. Have you done anything lately worth remembering?

Memories, these are the things we actually take with us when we pass away. Our cars, homes, laptops and iPhones will stay here in their physical form and we go on into the afterlife. It’s important to create memories (and I feel like being as positive as possible is important) because these are the times you’ll tell your children about and they wil love hearing about the fun things you did when you were their age.

Always remember to create memories because they are truly forever.

Do you have any thought provoking questions you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below and if you like what you read then don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter that way you can stay up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip, film news and entertainment news right on PCG magazine.

Blessed be!


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