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Video: Christina Grimmie’s Invisible Teaser just dropped. Check it out!

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Christina Grimmie’s Invisible Teaser just dropped. Check it out!

Christina Grimmie’s team has just dropped the teaser for “Invisible,” which was written by Stephen Rezza and Christina the first day they met. The world will get to hear the master piece on Valentine’s Day. And we couldn’t be more excited for her legacy to continue living in this crazy world.

Christina you are a doll. 

Christina’s team took to Facebook and Twitter and left “Team Grimmie,” a message about the release. They wrote:

“Thank you for all of your support over the years, and patience in the last 6 months. We love you so much. Here is the teaser for the new single ”

” by Christina Grimmie. It will be released February 14th, 2017! Stay tuned for more info , and thank you for continuing to support Christina’s legacy.

Happy Grimmie Thursday.

With Love,

The Grimmie family

Created by:

Art and Animation by Shayne Webb
Graphic Design by Zach White”

It’s been a rough six months for those that were close to Christina but making her legacy live in has been the goal for many. The heart-ache is real but the love will never fade. Check out the teaser video below and don’t forget to let us know what you think, are you excited for February 2017? Sound off!

Blessed be.

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