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Kevin Durant donates $57,000 to Positive Tomorrows!

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Kevin Durant donates $57,000 to Positive Tomorrows!

Kevin Durant may have moved on from the Golden State but he’s not showing any less love for Oklahoma City!

The NBA player donated $57,000 to “Positive Tomorrows,” a private school OKC for homeless children. Kevin Durant has helped this private school many times before in the past and it doesn’t look as though it will be changing anytime soon.

Susan Agel, President and Principal at Positive Tomorrows has opened up about his donations. She said:

“Kevin continues to be a great friend to Positive Tomorrows, and he has been instrumental in helping our school grow over the last several years. We consistently turn away students due to a lack of space, and his generous contribution this year along with several anonymous donors will enable us to embark on our upcoming capital campaign debt-free. We are so grateful.”

Honestly, any donation is appreciated but we are so happy when we see talent reaching out to make a positive impact in the community. We know for a fact that his donation will go to help many of the children at this private school. And now they will be able to welcome more children into their school because of Kevin’s donation.

Don’t you think that’s absolutely amazing? Yay, Kevin you rock! Keep up the great work.

Blessed be.


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