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5 movies you need to watch from the 1990s!

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5 movies you need to watch from the 1990s!

I remember going to Blockbuster just like it was yesterday. It was always a family tradition to spend our Friday evenings looking for movies we have never seen before at Blockbuster. We would all jump in the car at about 5 p.m., as the sun was setting and I remember knowing every-time we were about to arrive at my favorite place in the world because I would hear the baseball games at Whittier Park and the crowd was always going wild.

It’s those memories that keep you young at heart. But it’s Blockbuster I can thank for allowing me to discover some lesser known films. These movies are seriously some of the best ones I’ve ever watched and 99.9% of people never watched these films! It still brings back good memories when I pop these into the DVD player or stream them online.

The ButterCream Gang (1992)

If you’re looking for a family friendly film The ButterCream Gang should be on your list of movies you need to watch. The ButterCream Gang is one movie that will make you laugh and cry but in a good way. When it comes to movies you need to watch, add this to your list because it will even teach your kids about peer pressure and how it’s not always the best choice. This movie is one that your whole family can enjoy.

It’s one of those films you can even have a family discussion about afterward.

The film follows members of The ButterCream Gang, their “gang,” focuses on service work, friendship and attempting to help one of their best friends (Pete) who gets a little lost in life after he moves to Chicago for school. But when he returns to Elk Ridge, his friends notice a big change. Pete begins to vent his frustrations and anger by starting a new gang to pick on his former buddies.

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Free Willy (1993)

Free Willy was one of the first few films I got to pick out and watch on my own. It definitely the list for ‘movies you need to watch,’ because it’s just heart-warming from beginning to end. This touching story is about a killer whale and a boy who didn’t want this whale to be killed. The box office hit will keep you and your family on the edge of your seat. Jesse wants to do one thing, “Free Willy,” and he’ll risk everything to get the job done.

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Homeward Bound (1993)

Homeward Bound was one movie I remember talking to all my third grade friends about because it was so intense (for a kid that is, lol). But it’s a movie that you’ll want to add to your family collection. This Walt Disney Picture will always be on my list of ‘movies you need to watch,’ because it teaches courage, shows a great adventure and friendship!

What happens when three family pets escape from California? Chance, Shadow and Sassy are left behind when their family leave for vacation. The animals then set out to go find their family all the way in San Francisco. This journey is absolutely amazing. It’s a great family film and will keep the kids engaged.

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Angels in the Outfield (1994)

I remember grabbing this movie at Blockbuster and throwing it in the check-out baggy. I was so excited because all my friends were talking about it and of course it peaked my interest. I’ve always been fascinated by angels, since I was a little girl, so when I learned that this film was about sports (which I loved) and angels, I couldn’t wait to watch it and add it to my collection.

I’ve always had a DVD collection and this one is one of my favorites.

A boy prays to have a family after he lost his mother and has to live separately from his father. When he begins to pray, an angel shows up and helps him with his dream. Even though the film opens on a sad note, it’s still a film that will teach lessons and make those watching super thankful to have a family.

Angels in the Outfield stays on my list of movies you need to watch. Have you ever seen the film?

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Oliver and Company (1988)

What happens when a lost kitten joins a gang of dogs? Well, it’s might not have been easy at first but this Disney movie is a classic that’ll keep your kids singing. The animation may have come out in 1988 but it doesn’t feel like it with the story plot and adorable animation.

Most kids love animals and that’s what attracted me the most to this film when I was little. I couldn’t wait to pop it in the VHS. (Yeah, that’s right VHS, lol).

If you haven’t seen this Disney classic make sure to pick it up and add it to your collection of movies you need to watch. I don’t think there’s a kid out there who didn’t enjoy this film.

What are some films you think should be on the list? These are by far my five favorite films. I know there are so many more and it was super hard to narrow it down but these classics have a ton of good memories for me as a 1990s baby girl!

Let us know what you think about these films and don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments below!

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