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Clayton Snyder of Lizzie McGuire opens up to Reddit!

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Clayton Snyder of Lizzie McGuire opens up to Reddit!

That’s right, do you remember Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire? The hottie that everyone loved on the show? Well, he just opened up to Reddit and answered some fun questions. And he’s even hinting at a new role in a romantic comedy film.

On filming in Rome:

“Filming in Rome was incredible. I’m part Italian and some of our distant cousins live around Lake Como, so during a weekend that I wasn’t filming I went with my parents to go visit them, and since then I’ve learned Italian and have visited them several more times. Part of that also ties back into this romantic comedy I’ll be starring in. I have this huge Italian family I get to banter with, so really looking forward to that.”

On a reunion show:

“My guess is yes. I think all the cast is down for it, it’s just a matter of producers making it happen. We missed the 15 year mark, so I guess we’ll wait until 20 (2021?) and see what happens”

On his current endeavors:

“I’ve been real busy with various projects, but the biggest one would be a romantic comedy I’m involved with. Some friends and I wanted to revive the genre, because romcoms are super fun. And we wanted to have a really original story that emphasized diversity and family. The working title is A Beautiful Risk.

Studios can be funny in how they select what projects to produce, but it usually comes to the bottom line. Will it make money? So while we’re doing something that’s not a cookie-cutter formula, we decided we wanted to find a way that it’s something people are wanting to see. So, we decided to open a Kickstarter for it to show tangible support for the project. You can check it out at Let me know what you think!”

On Hilary Duff and him being a couple:

“A popular question, but no, never a “thing”. Although, she did join me and some friends to a school dance in middle school. I was still attending public school at the time. That poor girl. Everybody in the entire gym just stood and stared at her lol”

On acting in movies versus TV:

“They’re quite different. Think of series like a 9-5 and a movie like a vacation. TV can have a lot less preparation as scripts can be turned around fairly quickly and can have multiple revisions made in a relatively brief period of time. It’s not uncommon for actors to learn their lines the morning of shooting that day’s scenes. I definitely support putting as much time in as possible. A film allows you to plan ahead a bit more, may involve more travel, but can be a lot less predictable. They each have their constraints of time and resources. TV also potentially allows for more stability, but if you’re a series regular that is a major job. A film may be more seasonal, but some people work on multiple films at one time. Before this new golden age in television, I’d say film. But now TV is so frickin good. For me it’s more about the quality.”

On his worst childhood experience:

I”‘m assuming you don’t mean experiences of me dealing with children. Daycare can be quite a chore.

Fortunately, I don’t recall any real traumatizing event. (Sorry I don’t have anything juicy.)

At the time of the show, I’d get recognized pretty frequently, which was great when fans were cool/nice/respectful. But there’s something about being a public figure that gives people a sense that you are an open target for opinions and/or to make fun of. I don’t know what drives people to that. Insecurities, I guess?

Also, it was hard to make genuine friendships from scratch. Because there would always be a filter of being that guy on that show, as opposed to just Clayton. But that was another benefit of staying in public school – my close/true friends became very apparent, because they didn’t care one bit about it haha.

My water polo teammates called me Lizzie, but that ended when I became an upperclassman and team captain.”

On his new movie:

“Sup Jiro. The film is about managing cultural identity and family tradition and how that relates to your personal life and the one you love. Our team wanted to accomplish several things: 1) tell an original story (lots of reboots going about), 2) support diversity in film through casting (ex. we have an asian romantic lead, not something seen too often), 3) tell a story that roots back to family. Especially in these chaotic times, it’s important to tell stories that send the message we’d like to see more of. We believe in inclusively, diversity, and family. This film celebrates these things. And if it’s something you’re into, please consider contributing even a small amount to the Kickstarter. We need that to show studios it’s what people want to see.”

How fun is that? If you’re interested in reading the full ‘ask me anything,’ all you have to do is go to Reddit by clicking [HERE].

I grew up on Lizzie McGuire. It was one of my favorite shows to come home from school and watch. Do you guys have any favorite episodes? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter.

Blessed be.

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