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Dwayne Johnson answers Make A Wish Foundation request for a fan!

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Dwayne Johnson answers Make A Wish Foundation request for a fan!

The Make A Wish Foundation does a great job at helping those who are battling chronic, severe and sometimes life-threatening illnesses. They are compassionate and always go above and beyond expectations. What’s better than being able to see a family smile? What’s better than seeing a young child’s wish come true?

That is priceless.

Talent seem to look for ways to get closer to their fans. This time Dwayne Johnson was able to reach out to a fan via Instagram after the foundation reached out to the actor. Just a little after Dwayne took to Instagram and left an awesome post for his fan. He said:

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“@Therock: Taitusi this message is for you. Make a Wish just called me and I wish I could be there with you in Hawaii right now. Even at 13yrs old you’re already way stronger than I’ll ever be. Ever. Even though we’ve never met, I can already tell you’re one of the coolest and most amazing kids I’ve ever talked to like this. I just want you to know how amazing and special of young boy you are. You inspire every single person around you right now. Including me. God bless you and your family and yes I’m gonna go crazy on rice crispy treats this weekend for my cheat meal in your honor 🤙🏾💪🏾 Alofa atu, DJ”

D’aww, how amazing is that? Dwayne seems like such a loving, caring and hardworking guy. We’re happy he was able to reach out to Taitusi.

The Make A Wish Foundation is fantastic. What do you guys think about the Make A Wish Foundation? Do you have a touching story or experience with them? Let us know in the comments, we love to hear inspiring stories.

Blessed be.

The Rocks message to a fan!

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