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Paul Walker and Nick Hogan almost teamed up to stop illegal racing!

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Paul Walker and Nick Hogan almost teamed up to stop illegal racing!

Growing up and making mistakes can be hard to experience. The whole process can do one of two things, teach you to be a better a better person and grow from your mistakes; or turn you to bitterness, regret and depression. And I can confidently say that you can relate to life and the many trials it offers.

Nick Hogan was only seventeen-years-old when he experienced one of his hardest trials. After falling in love with racing, he became addicted and had a huge need for speed. But that love didn’t end on the racetrack. He enjoyed racing the roads of Florida. But it wasn’t until a near fatal accident Nick Hogan learned the dangers of reckless behavior.

The son of professional wrestling icon Hulk Hogan found himself in a horrible crash. He and his best friend at the time, John Graziano, was riding in the passenger’s seat and wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

Fortunately, he survived but had suffered from severe brain damage. Graziano was an Iraq war veteran, decorated marine and loved to serve his country. But because of the actions of his best friend Nick Hogan, he will never be able to lead a normal life due to his semi-conscious state; along needing 24-hour nursing care.

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The one thing that Nick Hogan has wanted to do after this tragedy and spending time in jail, is that wreckless street racing is not worth it the consequences of possibly taking a man’s life. And he opened up about the accident.

“There’s days when I can’t even get out of bed. I pray every day that I will be able to deal with it. It’s something that I carry with me every day.” He told ABC news.

Nick Hogan even started a non-profit organization called Keep It on the Track after he was released from jail and made the decision to stop street-racing. He wants to teach people about safe driving habits and the importance of wearing seat-belts.

Paul walker knew just how dangerous it was to race high-performance vehicles outside of the race track. During his time here, he bonded with Nick Hogan over their interest and love for race cars.

It’s been speculated by Nick Hogan’s mother Linda Hogan that after the street racing accident in 2007 and the start of Keep it on the Track, Paul was going to team up with Nick and spread the word about staying safe and keeping high-performance race cars on designated race tracks and off our community streets.

It’s sad that Nick Hogan had to face such a trial and having to know that his best friend is suffering for an adrenaline rush cannot but easy but the point is he grew from his actions as a teenager. He rose up from his mistakes and started to make a difference in the world.

It just takes one person to say “wait a second, think about what you’re doing,” and lives are saved. Though an old story, it’s one that can teach us to be safe on the road. We’re happy that Nick Hogan is keeping racing on the track.

And if you’re interested in knowing what Nick Hogan has been up to in 2017? He’s picked up DJing, so that’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

Remember guys, cars are weapons and it’s important to stay safe when you’re driving and always wear your seatbelt whether you’re driving or not.

Blessed be.


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