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Justin Bieber always handles bad situations with patience!

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Justin Bieber always handles bad situations with patience!

The limelight is such a hard place to work. The biggest reason is because when you “clock out,” you’re never really clocked out and off shift becuase everybody knows who you are and wants to meet you (and yes that’s something I’m certain most talent are thankful to have in their life) but everybody needs a break, no?

Justin Bieber always strives to handle any tough situation like a man. Even after hitting a photographer when attempting to leave his parking spot, in his black truck. The paparazzo claimed that Bieber had run over his foot when leaving the parking lot. And Bieber did not show any disrespect toward the claim or situation.

But he is speaking out about the “really, really mean,” paparazzi photographer who had nothing but disrespect for him during the incident. He said:

“Why were you so mean that day at the crash? You were yelling such profanity. It was really, really mean. I was just wondering why you would say that?”

The photog claimed he was under pressure because it was his “really good friend.” And Justin responded kindly. He said:

“If that was your friend, you would have been on the ground helping him.”

And he couldn’t have said it better because if you haven’t noticed, for some strange reason, teens/adults like to pull out their phones, cameras and record horrible incidents instead of take action and HELP the person in need.

Justin Bieber handles a rude fan with respect after a Shoe flies at his face! ]

How many times have you seen these fight videos on Facebook? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? I mean, come on, good old-fashioned “family home videos,” are the way to go in my opinion.

Justin, thank you for being a positive example and always handling every situation with such humbleness and patience. Even when people don’t treat you with the very same respect you give, you do your best every day and we couldn’t be more proud of you and all you’ve accomplishd.

If you haven’t heard (then you’ve been under a rock) Justin released his new “BloodPop,” produced track “Friends.” The song was co-written with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaeals. You can check it out on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.

What do you guys think about the way Justin handles trials and situations in life? Sound off in he comments below. And have you ever been in a situation where people wanted to film instead of a help a person in a bad situation?

Remember, treat others with the same respect you want to be treated with in life. Otherwise, it’s best to just not say anything at all. Check out his patience and humbleness in the TMZ video below. (I remember in some of the pranks on “PUNK’D,” talent couldn’t stay this calm. Good man).

Blessed be.


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