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BREAKING BENJAMIN: Have you heard their new music?! Check it out!

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BREAKING BENJAMIN: Have you heard their new music?! Check it out!

Who else loves some BREAKING BENJAMIN?

I sure do, it was never easy growing up but they made it easier with their music. Everything from the instruments to the lyrics was perfect (in my eyes). And now they’re back and ready to kill it with a tour this 2018 year!

Did you know their new single “Red Cold River,” just dropped and you can check it out right here on positive celebrity gossip news. The track comes from their sixth album, “Ember,” and it’s thought to be related this spring.

Ben Burnley of BREAKING BENJAMIN opened up about the name during an interview with Rock 102.1 during the KFMA Fall Ball in Tucson, Arizona!

Burnley told The Pulse Of Radio consistency has been the key to BREAKING BENJAMIN’s success.

“I don’t want to reinvent the wheel,” he said. “I just want to write good music that’s gonna stand the test of time and I try to do that. Whether I accomplished that is another thing, but at least I try to do that. And I think fans are noticing that the band hasn’t changed just because I’m the main songwriter, I always have been, and my process — it’s not gonna change. All I’m gonna try to do is just write really, really good songs and bring the BREAKING BENJAMIN sound to another level.”

What a throw back too, don’t you agree? I mean, I remember walking to school while in middle school jamming out to their music. It was relatable and made me feel better (life was hard). It’s awesome when you can relate to music. And we are super pumped for more music. It’s been speculated that BREAKING BENJAMIN will begin a nationwide tour with AVENGED SEVENFOLD and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE on January 12, 2018.

The tour will kick off in Nashville and will hit the all arenas through North America and wrap the tour in Washington in February.

Blessed be.

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