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David Archuleta supports LGBTQ community through music!

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David Archuleta supports LGBTQ community through music!

@northstarlds: We’re counting down the days til we get to hear David Archuleta perform for us!

David Archuleta supports LGBTQ community along side other keynote speakers at the fifth annual conference of North Star International and we couldn’t be more proud of their efforts to help raise awareness and support for the LGBTQ community and their families.

The 2018 North Star Conference is an invaluable resource for individuals who experience same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria and wish to live a Christ-centered life full of peace and joy. Listen to keynote addresses and dozens of breakout sessions featuring church leaders, scholars, therapists, and entertainers from the Christian community.

The fifth annual conference of North Star International will taking place Friday and Saturday (March 16-17, 2018)  in Provo, Utah at the Marriott Hotel. The conference is expected to include more than three dozen “breakout sessions,” on topics for both men, women, the LGBTQ community, leaders, therapists and enteratiners.

The mission will be to provide integrity, hope, love and support for those addressing their sexuality and gender identity but have a profound faith and desire to live the gospel and teachings of The Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church.

Talent David Archuleta and speakers Stephanie Nielson, Hank Smith and Tom Christofferson will headline the fifth annual conference of North Star international, spreading hope, showing love and support for all Latter-day Saints addressing their sexual orientation.

Northstar has opened mission and purpose focus on providing “uplifting resources for individuals and families dealing with these complex issues.” 

“The purpose of North Star is to be a spiritually uplifting resource for individuals and families dealing with these complex issues. It is also to empower individuals to help educate themselves, their family, friends, and Church leaders as they strive to become integrated more fully and lovingly into the Church community.

We hope you will find something here that will be meaningful for your life—that it will be a place where you can connect with others, share your experiences, and learn from the experiences of others. The resources provided here are intended to be spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially supportive. You are not alone in your desire to find balance, knowledge, and support.”

LGBTQ communities have complex and sensitive topics that hard to discuss in most circumstances. It’s a sensitive issue and it’s great to see talent come together and help the world feel loved regardless of what they are facing in life.

The highlights to expect!

  • Stephanie Clark Nielson. (Watch Elder Jeffrey R. Holland recount her story in his general conference talk, “Like a Broken Vessel.” (See video below.)
  • Thomas Mark Zuniga and Elliott Gladwin of the Your Other Brothers podcast.
  • Tom Christofferson, author of That We May Be One.
  • Musical guest David Archuleta who followed his dreams and became a star at just 16-years-old in 2008 will be performing at Saturday afternoon’s keynote session. This will be open to registered conference attendee’s only.
Dr. Matt Townsend, PhD

Friday AM Keynote: Dr. Matt Townsend, PhD

“For more than a decade, Dr. Matt Townsend has been energizing and involving audiences with his unique approach to building and maintaining successful relationships. Known as one of America’s top presenters in the field of Human Relations and Development, Matt blends humor and storytelling with interactive, real-life solutions that inspire motivation and immediate results in his audiences.

“The Matt Townsend Show” is broadcast weekday mornings on byuradio.org & Sirius XM 143 and Matt is a weekly contributor to KSL TV’s show “Studio 5 with Brooke Walker”. Matt’s book, Starved Stuff: The 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships, is a popular pick among those searching for better relationship skills.

In addition to his professional work, Matt actively dedicates his time as a volunteer guest speaker and is active in his church and community. He enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his wife of 26 years, Mardi, and their six children (five boys and one girl), one son-in-law, and one granddaughter.”

Dr. Mark Yarhouse

Friday PM Keynote: Dr. Mark Yarhouse

“Dr. Mark Yarhouse is the Rosemarie S. Hughes Endowed Chair and Professor of Psychology at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he is a core faculty member in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. He has spent several years promoting dialogue between people who view the topic of sexual identity differently. In 2000, he chaired a groundbreaking symposium at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention that brought together gay psychologists and Christian psychologists to discuss common ground in treatment options for those who experience sexual and religious identity conflicts.

Dr. Yarhouse is currently the Chair of the task force on LGBT issues for Division 36 (Psychology of Religion and Spirituality) of the American Psychological Association. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and is author or co-author of several books, including Understanding Sexual Identity: A Resource for Youth Ministers. His most recent book is titled Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture.”

Saturday AM Keynote: Stephanie Clark Nielson

Stephanie Clark Nielson

“Stephanie Nielson is a mother of five children, burn survivor, New York Times Bestselling Author and blogger. Her inspiring story offers hope in the face of challenges, and inspiration to achieve dreams. Her relentless faith and passion for life saved her from a fiery airplane crash with 3rd and 4th degree burns over 80% of her body. The scars from these life-threatening injuries cover her entire face, arms, legs, and hands, and yet she radiates an outward beauty that rises from within.

Stephanie also penned the New York Times Bestseller, “Heaven Is Here”, her own inspiring memoir of incredible hope, triumph, and everyday joy. Her writings and social media messages are a natural portrayal of the everyday activities in her life, like being a wife, a stay-at-home-mother, and an active Mormon. Her public feed is filled with images that represent Stephanie’s every-day joys in these important roles of her life.

Today Stephanie shares her captivating story of why she beat the odds in perilous times, and what life is like with an altered appearance and physical limitations. She is an archetype of the charity she founded called “Beauty Rises”, which emphasizes how beauty rises from within. Although reconstructive surgery is an ongoing requirement for Stephanie she maintains a joyful attitude for life, living the roles she loves to live. There is no doubt that Stephanie’s most treasured role is that of “mother”. Her harrowing story has been featured on many media programs including “Today”, “Oprah Winfrey”, “20/20”, and many others. The Nielson’s currently live on their ranch in New Mexico with their 5 children: Claire, Jane, Oliver, Nicholas, and Charlotte.”


Saturday PM Keynote: Bennett Borden

Bennett, President-elect of North Star.

“Bennett, President-elect of North Star, was raised in a first generation Latter-day Saint family in the rural south. He served an American Sign Language mission in Indiana, North Carolina and Michigan. After his mission, Bennett came out and spent the next 20 years in a same-sex relationship, marrying his partner when it became legal to do so. However, the light of the gospel of Christ always drew Bennett back, and he longed for the peace and joy it brings. Bennett’s journey back to the gospel as a child of God who experiences same sex-attraction has given him a treasured testimony of the power of the Atonement of Christ and the love God has for each of His children, especially those who experience SSA and their loved ones, friends, and leaders.”

What an amazing event, don’t you agree? It’s great to see talent come together with inspirational speakers to help positively impact the LGBTQ community. And amazing to know that you can still live the gospel with all the faith in the world. There are always safe places to talk and meet with others who can relate to feeling judged with negative stigma. There’s great news if you just found out about the event tickets are still available and can be purchased through Eventbrite.

The Lord loves all his children and it’s important for leaders, families and those wanting to live the gospel to understand and feel loved. Huge shout out to David Archuleta and the rest of the North Star International team and their guest speakers for making a huge difference in our world.

It all starts with speaking up and providing a safe place for everyone to learn and grow.

Blessed be.

Like a Broken Vessel


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