WoodBury Film Festival celebrates bold visions and powerful voices!

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Woodbury Film Festival celebrates bold visions and powerful voices!

WoodBury Film Festival celebrates bold visions and powerful voices!
March 8-9th in Salt Lake City, UT

“Woodbury Film Festival celebrates bold visions and powerful voices.”

The 2019 Woodbury Film Festival is set to take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 8-10th to show off independent filmmakers who work endlessly to share their vision and story with the world.

Independent filmmakers have incredible talent and are seemingly fearless.

Many forget the role film has in amplifying thoughts and expanding empathetic emotions for our family, friends and stranger friends.

Simply put, films seen at film festivals such as the 2019 Woodbury Film Festival show how creatives take risks.

For example, many independent films bleed inspiring truths, ones that can make you feel a slew of emotions.

Positive Celebrity reached out to Dezi Barr. She shared the vision of the festival.

I think our mission, events, and presenting this as a polished festival that focuses on bold, risk-taking, and challenging films is important to our success.

We find it important to be inclusive of all art forms and aim to bring filmmakers and artists of all levels together by celebrating visionaries. This year we bring music and film together.

Next year we will incorporate a theater act and a live figure painting; And we’ll be expanding from there. We’re excited to see the transformation and realization of how we can all relate to one another on some level.

That’s why PCG magazine is excited to announce these independent films at The 2019 Woodbury Film Festival.

Tickets are available for purchased on the official Woodbury Film Festival website.

PCG Exclusive: Neighbor film w/ Anjelah Johnson, Dove Meir, Bruce Beatty!

Let’s take a peek at what you can look forward to seeing at the 2019 Woodbury film festival as well as throughout the year!

Mrs Murphy’s Confession

Unable to connect with her distant husband and eight grown children, Marjorie Murphy tries helping out at Church. She is given responsibility to prepare a group of teen drop-outs for confirmation.

White Guys Solve Sexism

Because of the Harvey Weinstein scandal two men realize that all of their favorite movies are now sexist, leading them down a dark path of discovery.

A Perfect Hole

Two rookie gangsters discover a professional digging a hole in the middle of the desert. They have to decide their next step.

Sac De Merde

Based on a true story, “Sac de Merde” tells the tale of Mazel Mankewicz, an unlucky-in-love yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker who thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams.

Walter Treppiedi

Walter is a talent manager who works with extras, actresses and hookers. His bodyguard is always by his side and he’s always sick: it’s a Rottweiler named Blackie. Walter’s mission is to tell always the truth: his own truth. But… Are people able listen to it?


A hungry wolf gets stuck in stereotypes about being the big bad wolf of the story. She has to flee when everybody accuses her to violence and murder. She faces the danger of getting killed.

Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Dezi Barr raising awareness with her film VAL! 

Short Dramas

Light Me Up

“Light Me Up” is about a couple struggling to start a family. After yet another heartbreaking miscarriage, Ivy follows a sprite into a fantasy world to escape her pain.

Pretty Little Bubbles

Pretty Little Bubbles is a powerful and emotional short film about ex-soldier Terry coping with life after Afghanistan while struggling to raise his West Ham supporting twin daughters. Highlighting PTSD and disability.

Bad People

After collapse of Soviet Union in 1991 presidential and oppositional forces confronted on the main avenue of the capital Tbilisi. Gia is a soldier of oppositional forces during this civil war.

Burying Mitchell

Two women meet at the funeral of their ex-husband. In order to collect a $1 million life insurance policy, they must bury him by hand.

STARRING Sharon Conley – The Blindside, Rectify, The Hunger Games

Never Again

Never Again follows a young girl who goes threw all the intense and crazy feelings of losing someone they love very much and eventual losing themselves.


Once, when Shiva went home, she found a weird envelope of her sister which contain the sentence: “Do not follow my way” and after a moment she will find her sister while she hanged herself.


Long Haul

Long Haul is a coming-of-age road drama set in the world of American long-haul trucking. Bo, an ultra-conservative teen – based on filmmaker Bryan Fugal’s own life – goes on a cross-country delivery job with his estranged father.


A short film about a woman building a machine with hypnotic capabilities.

Honey Do

A man finds himself in a complicated set of relationships, each with their own “honey do” checklist of chores for him to perform.


An MMA fighter is sent to an atypical therapy group to help deal with his anger issues.

Memories Of A Balcony

The documentary “Memories of a Balcony” looks at the political and social events of the central square of Qazvin in Iran. The memories that has played a central role in these events.

Visual Healing

Visual Healing is a photo-to-video exploration of the effects of trauma; and the growth and healing that one can find in sharing this ubiquitous experience with family and friends.


Vicarious Resilience

The documentary follows three Hudson Valley residents over the course of a 10-week TMI Project storytelling workshop presented at The Mental Health Association in Ulster County (MHA). Along the way, the participants experience the transformative power of true storytelling; they face mental illness, childhood neglect and addiction head-on.

Flickering Lights

Developments in research, led by Stirling University, have led to a far greater understanding of Dementia and, in particular, the awareness of how best to alleviate it’s symptoms. Misunderstood by the general public and a growing concern for families worldwide. Flickering Lights is an insight into what dementia is, and how the right care can assist the condition.

When We Were Free

Developments in research, led by Stirling University, have led to a far greater understanding of Dementia and, in particular, the awareness of how best to alleviate it’s symptoms. Misunderstood by the general public and a growing concern for families worldwide. Flickering Lights is an insight into what dementia is, and how the right care can assist the condition.

Steps For Life

Somebody dies by taking his or her own life every 40 seconds – in Sweden every 6th hour. The dramatic and emotional short film ´Steps for life´ reaches out for help. – did not want to die. I just didn’t know how to stay alive, says 18 year old Moa Larsson.

Six different stories, six different lives – one inner melancholic world unites them.

Eulogy For The Living

The children’s remembrance of father’s departure

Prairie Wind

“Prairie Wind” is the world’s first film produced on 16K (15,985 x 5792 pixels, 2.76 aspect ratio).

It was shot by Lisius during the spring of 2018 utilizing two 50MP stills cameras on a special mount he designed and built.

Each image was carefully stitched, colored, processed and rendered over a 3-month period starting in August.

It was edited on 8K 2.39 Rec. 2020.

Gloom Bloom

The world like I knew it was gone. Everything was dry, lean, harsh and collapsing. My brain was translating images of destruction and death. Only seeing traces of old habits remaining in ruins. Sometimes I could hear distant noises of social movements, like radiations of a parallel universe evolving around me. But I it felt like too far away to be reached. What happened to these potentials ?

Impressive Talent, don’t you agree?

In any case, it’s going to be quite the film festival.

In addition, creatives can also volunteer for the festival. What’s better than getting to see amazing films and helping the community grow. Basically, when an independent film festival comes to your community, support it, be a proud advocate!

Lastly, you can check out each of the films teaser posters below! Let us know if you’ll be attending, we’d love to get your thoughts on the films for our upcoming exclusive review of The 2019 Woodbury Film Festival.

Blessed be!


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