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Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Wentworth Con 2019 was a complete success!

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Positive Celebrity Exclusive: Kiana Clark, Danielle Cormack, Celia Ireland, and Libby Tanner answer our questions!

The best Australian tv-shows of all-time has a mile-long list. Regardless, it’s safe to say the Wentworth tv show has safely earned its place in the top ten. 

Even earning itself a better score than competing programs such as Orange is The New Black.

Fortunately, we owe it to the Wentworth cast, creators ( Reg Watson, Lara Radulovich) and crew for creating a modern version of the old original “Prisoner,” series which ran from 1978-1986 on SoHo. 

With that in mind it’s no surprise Wentworth season 8 and season 9 have been commissioned, making fans wonder, how the plot will develop for the finale. 

Further, it’s predicted Wentworth seasons 8 and 9 will go into production mid-October 2019 and wrap mid-June 2020. 

The show’s direction has fans diving in more deeply on the direction of Wentworth, especially after Wentworth Con 2019. 

Question and answer sessions sparked many questions about further seasons including: 

  1. Why is “The Freak,” alive and who let her out of the grave? 
  2. Does Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) have a chance at returning? 
  3. Most importantly, Franky and Bridget’s relationship (mostly because of her development as a character, it would be nice to see more of her.

There are endless questions for each character and that’s what makes everything so exciting.

The Wentworth Con Q&A panels were everything fans expected and more, for example, the overwhelming emotion to see a packed ballroom with Wentworth fans who know every line for every brilliant character. 

Most importantly, it brought Wentworth talent to tears as they filled with utter shock and love due to the amount of admiration. 

Nicole Da Silvia (who will be at Wentworth 2020 in Chicago) opened up about Wentworth, sharing her thoughts on it feeling “surreal,” on an online Australian news outlet: 

“I’m getting more and more sideways glances now the show is available here. People are coming up to me in the supermarket. I’ve had a few fan encounters, which is kind of surreal. I’m very used to not being recognized at all.”

Cormack shared “it’s a dream come true,” to the cast and crew. 

“You’d be hard-pressed to find any actor, producer, director or crew member who doesn’t want their work to reach as far and wide as it can.”

“For our show to be recognized internationally is a testament to the stories, themes, characters, and performances. It’s incredibly exciting and I’m really proud.”

Kiana Clark On Wentworth Con 2019

First, it’s important to note, taking the time to put together any kind of convention takes an immense amount of patience, passion and time. Kiana Clark opened up about the feeling of seeing fans and talent come together repeatedly for successful Q&A’s to private round-table meet and greets.

“Thank you so much!

I can’t even put this feeling into words.

At the end of the first event, I sat in the hotel room with my wife (Amanda) and best friend (Danielle) and just cried. Happy tears. I was SO happy with what we created and how happy we made everyone feel. It truly makes all the hard work “worth it” to see happy, smiling faces all day long.

To see the fans “dreams” come true when they meet their favorite cast members.

It’s therapeutic, really. I know this sounds “cliche” but I’ve been producing events for 12 years, and have been so passionate about my career. I often get wrapped up in the structure and organization that I don’t stop and see the overall result. But with Wentworth Con, the fans have gone out of their way to thank me and thank my staff for creating this event and doing something that they never thought would happen (Meeting cast who live across the world).

And for me to produce an event that results in “dreams coming true”… there are no words for how rewarding that feels.

The feeling in that panel room. It’s not your typical “convention”. It’s an event filled with love, encouragement, support, and hope!

People share stories, talk about difficult topics and how they overcame them, and how the show has helped them in numerous ways. It is so overwhelming.

There’s love for the show. Love for the cast. And love for each other! There are some AMAZING friendships forming at Wentworth Con. I hope we can keep this going for years to come!

Further, it’s inspiring to watch Kiana Clark hard at work, she’s incredibly inspiring and positive. Chances are her volunteers who have an absolute blast all while strengthening their set of skills.

Isn’t it true we all have our favorite scenes?

Clark opened up about her favorite scene even though there are so many that are unforgettable.

“AH! This is so hard. There are many. BUT, the first that comes to mind is when Bea shoots Brayden Holt. I think it was because we saw such heartache from Bea when she lost Debbie, and we all started “rooting” for her to get revenge.”


As previously mentioned, Wentworth Con does stand out because the fans, they see themselves through the characters and can relate.

Most importantly, Kiana Clark also touched on how the show influences different issues in the world.

“The thing about Wentworth is… it touches on some real issues in the world, issues that, unfortunately, many people have been experienced first hand.

Domestic Violence. Losing a Child. Sexual Abuse. Dementia. Drugs. etc.

People relate to these stories, to these characters.

And it hits “home.”

They fall in love with the characters. They see a lot of “themselves” in the characters.

Tammy MacIntosh and I spoke in great detail about Wentworth Con in LA and saying ‘I don’t think you know what you created.'”

Honestly, she created a convention that feels like home. There is nothing better than attending an event where you feel good, and where you don’t feel like a “black sheep,” because of how you relate to real-life situations.

The whole Wentworth cast and crew did an amazing job at delivering the message of love, compassion, struggle, regrets, and different relatable hardships.

Despite our struggles, it was comforting to attend Wentworth Con, share our struggles during the Q&A and get a true response from the talent who took on our trials and successfully delivered it on screen. 

Positive Celebrity review on Wentworth Con 2019

Perfection, no other words fit.

At this point, it’s safe to say, Wentworth Con 2019 is by far one of the best conventions I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend and cover.

Ultimately, the convention has been everything and more to those who have been able to attend, and there’s no doubt the crowd will be back for Wentworth Con’s upcoming events.

“Our next events are in Chicago April 4, 2020 (tickets on sale Dec 8 at 12pm EST) and Whippany, NJ August 1-2, 2020!”

Wentworth Con Hilarious Moments 

It was Chelsey Handler who said, “if you can make someone laugh you can make someone listen.” 

She was completely right, Danielle left us with a joke that will last a lifetime after she shared a story about her pant zipper problems. 

“I’ve been having this zipper problem today, I’m about to take a picture and there’s my… “ 

And then you hear a loud shout from within the crowd “Pineapple!” 

Danielle Cormack lost it, laughing “is that what you call it, okay, my pineapple.” She continued, “you guys are never going to be able to look at a pineapple the same,” the fans lost it. 


The moment Danielle Cormack ran to the stage from the opposite end of the venue the crowd went wild. She truly is the “top dog.” She loved to react scenes, answer questions and most importantly, be herself on stage. 

Isn’t it inspiring to see actors for who they are up and personal?

In the end, we have the perfect idea of how talented they truly are, it’s a whole new world when we aren’t just seeing them play a character on our TV screens.

Cormack had some funny moments with the fans, sharing how her zipper was down during the Wentworth Con round table meet and greets. 

And we all left that panel with a new outlook on Pineapples.


During Celia Irelands Q&A at Wentworth Con 2019 fans truly wanted to know “how she played being sh*tfaced on set,” proceeding to laugh and inquire if she was actually drunk. 

Ireland laughed hysterically sharing jokes about being allergic to most alcohols. 

Despite not drinking much, she showed everyone just how she managed to act so wasted on set and it was brilliant. 


Next, there’s the gorgeous and energetic Tammy Macintosh who shared a lot of behind the scenes which were fun to film. 


Lastly, Libby Tanner who played as Nicole Da Silvia’s therapist in Wentworth shared how their relationship developed and when she felt her character, Bridget fell in love with Franky. 

Most importantly, we wanted to know, was Franky a good kisser? 


The Wentworth Con 2019 provided us more than just a Q&A. It allowed us to meet and take pictures with Libby Tanner, Celia Ireland, Danielle Cormack, and Tammy Macintosh. 

The convention provided beautiful photos that were used for the autographing time-slot. During this we were able to thank, laugh and joke around, it felt very personal and it was fun. 

Most importantly, the round table meet-and-greets where fans spent quality time with the actors, shared stories that inspired and took extra pictures. 


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Stay tuned for our full panel edits!

Stay up-to-date on future Wentworth Con conventions!

Blessed be!

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