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The Voice: Josh Gallagher performs ‘Danny’s Song’ bringing tears to our eyes!

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The Voice: Josh Gallagher performs ‘Danny’s Song’ bringing tears to our eyes!

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-55-35-amEvery week we look forward to seeing performances on season 11 of NBC’s “The Voice.” The audience and viewers are able to learn more and more about the contestants and their personal lives. One of the best parts of the voice are the stories that come to competition with each of these talented singers.

Josh Gallagher has blown us away with his voice and the love he has for his wife Lindsey Miller. He has such passion for his wife and he would do anything to keep her smiling and feeling special. When he gets on that stage and begins performing, the love he has for her just spills all over the room and he shines.

That love is indescribable.

It was on December 5, 2016 when Josh took the stage and informed the audience how much “Danny’s Song,” meant to him. And how it reminds him of his wife. He said:

“This song reminds me of my wife. We don’t have a lot of money, but that doesn’t matter, because we have each other. I’m definitely going to be thinking about her when I perform this song.”

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screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-55-49-amHow adorable is that? It doesn’t matter how rich you are in this life. Love conquers all. Josh serenaded his wife from a barstool that was surrounded by shimmering lights. He strummed his acoustic guitar and let his voice do the rest. It was absolutely romantic and heart-warming.

After his performance his coach Adam Levine couldn’t hold back his positive comments. He said:

“I’m not just saying this. I’m telling the truth here. I thought that was the best of the night so far, I really do, because it was probably the best song for your voice. It was so tasteful. Your voice sounds better than it’s ever sounded, and it’s the best timing ever going into the finale next week.”

We at PCG are truly rooting for Josh and hoping that he will make it into the final four. He always brings a tear to our eyes with his performances. And with talent, creativity and love in his heart, we know he can change the world for the better with his talent and personality.

You can catch “The Voice,” on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

Blessed be.

The Voice 2016 Josh Gallagher – Semifinals: “Danny’s Song”

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