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Save Our Scott: 17 years of chronic late stage Lyme disease.

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Save Our Scott: 17 years of chronic late stage Lyme disease.

Scott Winn is an American filmmaker and songwriter, born June 30, 1987 in the small town of Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. He grew up with his Mother (Kirsteen Winn), Father (Keith Winn) and four sisters, Heather Winn, Jennifer Ririe, Melissa Winn and Rachel Harston.

Scott now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his gorgeous wife (Becca Winn) and two boys. Scott met his wife when they were just in 9th grade. They were both taking a German class. It was in the summer of 2007 they tied the knot in Portland, Oregon. And eventually they had two boys (who are absolutely adorable).

Scott is one of the most unique, creative and innovative filmmakers to emerge on YouTube. He’s built a huge audience with a million subscribers and over 200 million views across his YouTube videos. There isn’t a door that Scott will leave unopened. He’s even created original music for other YouTubers such as Stuart Edge, Grant Thompson, and Devinsupertramp. And he’s collaborated with Megan Batoon, Lindsey Stirling and Lilly Singh.

The Utah film community has nothing but love for Scott and his talent. He’s completely blessed the lives of everyone around him with his films, music and YouTube videos. They say “if you can make a person laugh, you can make a person listen.” He always goes above and beyond making people laugh. He’s real, loving, and driven. And he never gives up.

What’s better than positively influencing the world around you and using your talent to make the world a better place?! Making people laugh, mentoring and going above and beyond to help other people reach their goals… that’s what this life is about and that’s exactly what Scott has achieved. He’s not just a filmmaker, he’s a friend to many. And that’s why the film community has started a “Save Our Scott,” campaign on GoFundMe.

Scott was only 12 years-old when his life started to change. After a trip with the Boy Scouts of America, Scott came home and found that he was bit by over 46 ticks—leaving him with undiagnosed Lyme disease. The disease went undiagnosed for 17 years and he has now had to battle various secondary complications caused by the Lyme disease.

Scott opened up about his experience on YouTube. He said:

“ I went on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts of America. And it was my first time on a camping trip in Georgia, we were deep in the forest, I had gone out in the forest and was playing around like 12 year olds do. I came home from that camping trip and had somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 little black bugs all over my body but in like really terrible places, like crevices, like armpits and genitals and your neck, the worst places, the hair. Finding these things, first of all was… the freakin’ hardest thing to do let alone even knowing ‘What is this? And what hell is going on?’ And at the time there was nothing about Lyme disease, so it wasn’t a concern.” He continued “This was a horrific experience.”

It all started gradual and then things started to really change. He said:

“Well, over the course of the next couple years 12, 13, 14… I started to develop really really really bizarre symptoms that make no sense… Insomnia, back pain in a 13 year old, joint pain, chest pain, a lot of pain in different places. A little bit of rage and anger problems but nothing crazy. And I don’t think anything of this… It’s a very slow process. It’s not like waking up one day and you have all these symptoms and you’re like ‘What’s wrong is this a cold, do I go to the doctor?’ Things just got worse and worse until I started developing headaches and brain fog and all these bizarre things. I was the fastest kid in school. I literally held the record for being the fastest kid. And in that same year from the beginning of the year to the end of the year I went from being the fastest kid in the class to not even being able to complete a quarter of a lap because of the pain. That is when things started going downhill fast. It started gradual and before I knew it all these things started adding up. We were so confused. We started going to doctors, doing tests, doing MRI’s… Everything comes back normal. Everything comes back as ‘everything looks good. We have no explanation for the back pain, no explanation for why your son all of a sudden can’t breath properly.’ This is all very, very difficult, very challenging for my parents as well.” He continued to share his story and touched on the big moment when everything really started to change. He said:

“I go on this mission, Brisbane Australia. It was beautiful it was amazing but very very difficult. I remember the moment that really changed everything was… I was in the flat with a bunch of other people. I had walked up the stairs. I had come out of a room tried to come back down the stairs and my legs gave out and I just collapsed. I started bleeding profusely out of my butthole. I started bleeding a lot… Like crazy crazy crazy amounts of blood. Before I know it I was going to the bathroom 15-20 times a day with no explanation. The back pain is back, head pain that is unreal, it feels like someone hooked a bike pump to my head and started pressing it and filling it with air and it’s going to explode at any minute. Long story short, you can’t really do this missionary work when you’re in this much excruciating pain. They sent me home, more medical tests, 8 more months of medical tests with no answers. I started getting answers by the time I was 20 because guess what? All of these symptoms and these things started turning into other things. Arthritis, 22 years old diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s’ disease, I developed severe panic disorder, which was debilitating by the way, if you’ve ever experienced anything like extreme panic disorder, there is nothing more horrific, scary, life changing. All these mental symptoms, all these physical symptoms kept getting worse and worse and worse and worse.” He expressed.

After going through all these trials, he’s not giving up. Scott Winn is fighting back. However, it does come with substantial medical expenses. It’s become so expensive that Scott has resorted to selling his film and music equipment… the very equipment that he’s used to make millions of people smile every day. It’s the very equipment that creates the content millions cannot stop watching.

[ Support Scott Winn and his battle right here on his GoFundMe ]

As can be seen on the fundraising campaign and Facebook, countless family, friends, and supporters are contributing and reaching out to help Scott in his fight to beat the odds and recover from the complications of this horrible disease. We fully support him and wish him the best in this battle.

The truth is nobody can truly understand what Scott is going through but we can be his army, we can back him up and love him unconditionally. Scott, we are proud of you, we believe in you and we have faith you’re going to kick this battles ass. You have a beautiful family, a magnificent soul, inspiring drive and talent beyond measure.

If you want to help out in any way, please check out his GoFundMe below. You can also buy his merchandise or simply share his direct GoFundMe, this article and help spread the word. You’re share can make a huge difference. Be sure to check out all the love his family, friends and fans have left him and don’t forget to share your love on his direct YouTube or in the comments below. Check out all the amazing work that Scott has been able to create while battling Lyme. (Scotts work is seriously, seriously phenomenal).

Scott is more than a creative, he’s a son, a husband, a father and a friend. And we want nothing more than for him to heal.

Blessed be.

17 years of chronic late stage lyme disease // the hardest video ill ever post

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