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What could be standing between you and happiness?

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What could be standing between you and happiness?

Have you ever stopped to wonder about your level of happiness? The day was long at work and you get home, jump on social media and see all your friends posting “fun” and “happy,” status updates. And you can’t help but wonder where you went wrong in life? fun-20008_1920

Well, to be honest I don’t personally believe that you can ‘go wrong,’ in life because every choice that we make will influence development in our lives. This development always helps us become who we are today. And who you are? That’s something you should be proud of regardless of any choices you’ve made in life.

The important thing is to have understanding whether the choice has damaged your life in any significant ways. For example, there were times in my life when I had an ‘unhealthy dependence,’ with some people in my life. I was constantly focused on being around them and needing them to be with me to feel ‘safe,’ in my world.

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That’s a huge problem that can keep you very unhappy. And these types of dependencies can be so damaging in any form of relationship. So, if you’ve found that you’re quite dependent on a friend, a family member or significant other then maybe it’s time to start working on making yourself happy because you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. If that basket drops in anyway, so will you and that’s not healthy.

Another problem that I’ve noticed increasing in the world is the need for money. It seems that most people have the perception that money brings happiness. And yes, yes, yes, I’ve seen the posts on Facebook “forget anyone that doesn’t think money can’t buy happiness. Look at my new four-wheeler. Yes, I am happy right now.” I get it, it’s fun to own cool things and buy the latest technology. woman-591576_960_720

A lot of people love to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, cars, fashion and so many other materialistic items. But have you ever stopped to think that those items stay here after you pass on? These things don’t go with you when you’ve completely your life journey.

So why are we deciding that money is happiness and we must have a lot of it to live a fulfilling life?

Personally don’t you feel like creating memories, being grateful for what you have in life and impacting the world for the better can create a resilient type of happiness?

I do because I believe that less is more in a lot of cases. It’s like when you were a kid and all summer you wanted a bike but your parents couldn’t afford to buy you a bike. So you had to take turns with your friends and it really sucked. But then a few months later, either for fun because you were patient or a birthday, your parents get you that bike. You’re so grateful that you take care of that baby. But do you know what else you got out of not having that bike right away?

More memories with your friends. More interaction, friendship and bonding. That is priceless.

Remember to love yourself and the people around you. Cherish each moment as if it will be your last and don’t depend on others to make you feel happy. You should be able to get dinner by yourself and have a good time. You should be able to sit-in on a Friday night and have a fun weekend. You should be able to smile around yourself just as much as you smile around the people in your life circle.

Once you’re satisfied with what you have, you’re happy.

Blessed be.


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