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The Goldbergs: Season 5 on Hulu has PCG thinking about the past!

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The Goldbergs: Season 5 on Hulu has PCG thinking about the past!

If you are a child of the 1980s then The Goldbergs is the show for you to add to your Hulu watch list. After wrapping up “Raising Hope,” this one popped up as a recommendation and it was a great watch.

Adam F. Goldberg is the creator of the family comedy and he knows first hand what it was like to grow up in the year of 1980. Ironically, he recorded (pretty much) his whole life on videotape (nobody ever knew it would become a hit series later) and decades later, the hundreds of video tapes have provided ABC TV a hit sitcom that most people (regardless of when you were born) can enjoy. And he definitely knows how to engage his audience and make them laugh.

Truth is, if you can make someone laugh, you can make someone listen. Adam F. Goldberg has achieved this perfectly.

I was disappointed when season 4 ended but the good news is that season 5 is now on Hulu and I’ve made it all the way through, the show hasn’t lost it’s “I can relate to having to bring certain foods to school and dress a certain way to sit at a table.”

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The family characters all have a perfect dynamic together, regardless of what the children are facing, the dynamic is on point. If you haven’t seen The Goldbergs then you have a whole five seasons to binge watch with your family, friends or partner.

Did you know that Beverly Goldberg mailed the show multiple boxes of sweaters and pantsuits to help with the overall look of the show. But the secret here is that those pant suits and sweaters she sent are the actual sweaters she wore during the 1980-90s. You will often see Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Beverly on the show, wearing is actual Beverly Goldberg’s attire.

That makes it even better, don’t you think? I love the way the show came together. That’s why we firmly believe in following your dreams. You never know what project you did years ago could turn to gold later. This show is the perfect example of success.

Goldberg opened up about the video tapes that he has at home. And he admitted there are some he won’t be sharing.

“There are a couple of videos that [while] America would love them, they’re just too embarrassing,” laughs Goldberg. “So yeah, there are stories that we could never put on ABC.”

Goldberg also opened up about certain rules that he would like to sustain with ABC. One rule is there will never be anything sexual between Beverly and Murray. “I never saw my parents kiss,” Goldberg stated. And he also focuses on is the fact that Beverly has to curse but is bleeped in each episode.

“It always comes from a place of love, but Beverly gets so overwhelmed with how much she loves us that she’ll curse a lot,” said Goldberg. And while not everybody enjoys the cursing in this family comedy, the truth is, this is life and Adam refers people to his Mom, who actually uses a Twitter account.

And we recently learned a funny fact. Sometimes, if Adam doesn’t call his mom back she will take to Twitter. He said:

“If I don’t call my Mom back, she’ll go on Twitter and say, ‘Adam hasn’t called me, I’m worried about him,’ and strangers will say, ‘You’re horrible. You go call your Mom right now!” laughs Goldberg. “It’s very complicated.”

It’s cute though, don’t you agree?

Have you seen the show? Let us know in the comments below. What was your favorite episode? And was there anything you could really relate with from The Goldbergs?

Blessed be.

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