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Kim Kardashian and Kanye welcome healthy baby girl to the world!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye welcome healthy baby girl to the world!

Kim Kardashian West has third baby and her surrogate is AMAZING!

How fun, one of the best feelings (I can imagine) is having a family. And now Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are welcoming their THIRD child via surrogate into the world. Kim opened up after having her healthy 7lb 6oz baby girl.

TMZ originally broke the story when Kim and Kanye decided to use a surrogate due to the fact that she has what’s called a “placenta accrete.”

Placenta accreta is a serious pregnancy condition that occurs when blood vessels and other parts of the placenta grow too deeply into the uterine wall. Typically, the placenta detaches from the uterine wall after childbirth. With placenta accreta, part or all of the placenta remains firmly attached. The life-threatening condition only affects 1 in 533 pregnancies (idk if it’s our culture or what but it seems being Romanian and Armenian comes with some unique diseases, as I have Crohn’s disease now, interesting, huh)?

Kanye West gives Kim Kardashian beautiful flowers for anniversary! ]

What causes a placenta accreta?

There was a study conducted in 1996 found 7 percent of women can die from placenta accreta but because of todays improved technology the number has decreased. Kim Kardashian didn’t to have a good case and it was not worth taking her life, so, we are happy she went with a surrogate.

The biggest problem that occurs is after a woman has her first C-section. There will always be a higher risk for subsequent cesareans. And the more C-sections the more damage the uterine wall will take and the higher risk a woman can become to developing placenta accreta.

“Women should know that this is a potential risk when they’re deciding their family size and if they’ve had multiple cesarean deliveries,” Sutton said. “I think there’s this perception that cesareans are very benign procedures and they’re so routine that having multiple cesareans is not particularly risky. They’re still surgeries and they still carry not only short-term risks but the long-term risks that the public is probably not aware of.”

Who was the Surrogate?

There is very limited information on their surrogate but what we do know about the surrogate is awesome:

  • She lives in the San Diego area.
  • The surrogate is a college graduate.
  • The surrogate is in fantastic physical shape.
  • The surrogate is in her 20s.
  • The surrogate is married and her husband is also in his 20s.
  • The surrogate has 2 small boys.
  • The surrogate and her love have been married 5 years.

Um, can I have her number Kim? Haha, I can’t have kids yet because my Crohn’s won’t simmer down and this woman sounds AMAZING! Who else agree’s with me here, lol?

Any who, congrats to the West family, we are wishing you a year of fun, health and happiness to your whole family! Have you been Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Let us know in the comments below! And if you enjoy the positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news, please give us a follow on Twitter or subscribe to our Newsletter.

Kim and fam, keep up the great work and blessed be! We look forward to seeing pictures if/when you’re ready!!!!!

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