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The one question that ruined our self-worth as a child!

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The one question that ruined our self-worth as a child!

There is absolutely no doubt that every human in this world wants to be someone, we all want to have a title, we all crave status or distinction. This would ‘give our existence meaning,’ right? Well, yes and no, there’s more to that ‘craving,’ than we could imagine.

Think back to your childhood.

Do you remember the number one question teachers from our education system and parents asked you?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Now, not that it’s a bad question but doesn’t that question give an impression that we are not yet enough and we must long for the perfect career and titles in order to feel whole? So we follow this road hoping it will pull our lives into meaning. We all have something to contribute, something to work toward, something to be passionate about but in the process of turning these “somethings,” into goals and careers, we must remember one important fact…

If we search for ourselves entirely through our career goals, we will never be satisfied with who we are because career goals never end, they are constantly changing, evolving and molding into other goals. But instead, why don’t we remember that we are intrinsically worth as much as we decide we are worth.

Every human-being is an individual with value, feelings, and we are filled with a pondering mind.

No career achievement or lack thereof can determine otherwise. Meaning, if you did not become a doctor like you once imagined, that’s okay, if you did not become a firefighter, like your Father, that’s okay because you still exist and that means you have meaning to this world.

But what should we be asked when we are younger? When we are young we should be asked “What do you want to DO when you are older, not who we want to BE…” This allows us to properly expand our mind, it allows changes to happen without a negative impact on our self-esteem. It allows us to thrive on new ideas without feeling a sense of failure.

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Remember, who we are IS who we are, with or without career achievements. And the moments of our childhood are not worth less than the moments of our adult hood merely because we didn’t achieve that specific career or status you thought you might.

Do you know our ability to create meaning and enjoy ourselves is often the strongest as a child? Reminding ourselves that we can continue to carry this with us throughout life is vital.

Careers and statuses do not define who you are as a human being and what you can offer the world being yourself.

When we acknowledge our intrinsic value, regardless of status, we become like a tree, grounded, full of life, beautiful, complete, perfect. What takes place when this approach is taken seriously and applied into the lives of our younger ones?

A lot of good begins to happen. Our career accomplishments then become like fruit-growing from our limbs, providing nutrients for the world and ourselves. We are being properly fed. But as the seasons change. The fruit comes and goes, changes are unavoidable, and even if that happens, we can remain as the tree, firmly rooted in abundance. Our careers and accomplishments are major parts of our lives and we should always appreciate them and take pride in those moments. But if you neglect to embrace your self-worth and sense of life outside of your career, you’ve missed the point.

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Blessed be.

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