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You are not entitled: What you don’t understand about Justin Bieber and other talent in the industry!

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You are not entitled: What you don’t understand about Justin Bieber and other talent in the industry!

Justin Bieber is facing the harsh criticism of his haters once again and we don’t mind going over the facts, again for those haters that just can’t seem to understand a few simple subjects regarding being “a celebrity.” And this includes other outlets like “HollywoodLife,” who loves to create stores that are in fact “fake news.”

First thing is first, understand Justin Bieber is a singer, an entertainer and he is entitled to his own personal life. It’s becoming clear that many

Justin Bieber

“fans,” out there do not understand that he DOES NOT owe you anything other than the music he was hired to provide. If you think about it, having an Instagram, is a kudo, having a Twitter, is a kudo, using the platform to tell his real “Beliebers,” I love you and giving them a follow is going above and beyond what is truly expected of him as “a celebrity.”

Things Justin Bieber does NOT owe you include:

  • Selfies with you while your on the street.
  • A follow on Instagram
  • A follow on Twitter
  • A reply on Twitter
  • A reply on Instagram
  • A signed photograph
  • Your undying love for a relationship

True Beliebers will completely understand this but let me try to make a point for those “haters,” out there who love to spread drama because they have nothing better to do in their life. Bieber is getting a crap ton of backlash because he happened to knock a phone out of a “fans,” hand. If you took the time to think about how many pictures are taken of him a day and added them up into hours, you would find that it would surpass a normal human beings ability to even stay awake.

Justin Bieber deserves more respect
Justin Bieber for fun photoshoot

You want music from Justin Bieber right? Well, then you better understand he sure as hell needs rest just like you do when you come home from your job. And don’t pull the “he signed up for this,” card because he only signed up to sing and provide entertainment, at his own will. Entertainment means concerts, not selfies, not interaction with strangers on the internet. And if you don’t believe that, feel free to look up an entertainment contract [ HERE ]. There is no clause in that contract or any others (because there are many) that discusses having to take pictures with fans.

Another thing that should be brought to your attention, in the recent video where Bieber was seen slapping a phone from a “fan,” he just got done playing a soccer game. When you get out of gym class are you down to take random pictures when your hair is going in all directions and your sweaty, potentially sore and really tired?

Paparazzi need to have more respect for Justin Bieber and talent! ]

How would you feel if your random crush (that you didn’t even know) walked up to you, put their arm around you and tried to snap a pic of you with them? (Personally, I would be a little creeped out and I wouldn’t have handled that well, I don’t like looking like shit in any pictures I take with people but it does happen). Bieber is used to these interactions and has handled with complete maturity in 95% of those instances.

Justin Bieber deserves more respect
Justin Bieber playin some ball

There are times in your own life when you snap, no? Where you say things you don’t mean, where you do things you didn’t intend? Doubtful that you can approach that question with a “no, I’ve never been so disrespectful.” It’s likely you’ve done or hurt people worse in your life and have even had to say “sorry,” as well, if you’re a person of good values, of course, right?

Ya’ll cannot expect Justin Bieber to grind in the studio, get his personal “day off,” required to get that “refresh,” in order to provide the best music for you to relate too and apply to your life or relationships when he is being bombarded by paps and frankly, disrespectful “fans.”

How do you perform when you’re tired? How do you perform when you’re under an amount of stress that feels like the whole weight of the world is crashing down on your shoulders? It’s likely not so well and there’s a reason for that, we all need that mental break.

Justin Bieber Has Nothing But Love For His Mama! ]

Getting a mental break from work is so important, not only for Justin Bieber but for yourselves. If you don’t get your “days off,” from school or from work. It’s really hard to get back into the groove of things at your full potential. Why in the world would anyone expect anymore from Justin Bieber?

Oh, that’s right because he’s a celebrity in the spotlight. Ya’ll are too much (not everyone, I’m referring to those bashing him for no reason). Do you realize how many talented individuals we have lost in the past due to not standing up for themselves? Depression is a real thing (and I’m pretty sure real Beliebers do not want ot see Justin go through those emotions), money doesn’t change that what happens to you internally, have respect. if you are constantly bombarded by people when you really need to get into “refresh mode,” it becomes really hard to recharge yourself to 100% performance, regardless of what you do in life.

Justin BIeber deserves more respect
Justin Bieber post soccer

Justin Bieber deserves way more respect than he has been getting from the paps and from his so-called “fans.”

Get your shit together and have some understanding. The man does not owe you a single thing, in fact, the only “people,” he owes anything to are his record label – it’s called music. When J-dawg jumps on Instagram and shares a picture with you, it’s because he cares and doesn’t mind giving you personal insight into his life. He’s proud of the work he does and he knows in his heart that “true Beliebers,” will be proud with him. And those Beliebers don’t hold any expectations that are unrealistic above his head. Those are the ones that have been with him from day one.

So, if you’re all caught up in this stupid “he knocked a phone out of a fans hand,” grow up. And don’t forget to put yourself in his shoes, we all can, regardless of what we do in life. How would you feel if you got out of the gym and someone was chasing you with a camera and not because they wanted to “get to know you,” because he “needs a paycheck.” What a bottom of the barrel kind of job that would be and I give paps no respect, unless they of course approach ALL talent in a more respectable manner.

There’s a right way to do things and wrong way to do things, this was the WRONG way to handle meeting Justin Bieber and if it was any other celebrity, I would be sharing the same article and insights.

Working in the industry it’s not hard to be respectful, in fact the first thing you learn to respect are their phone numbers and private life. But it’s also important to remember, you don’t just take random picture of (x) celebrity putting on their shoes, combing their hair or talking to a manager or director. That shows so much dispresect and unprofessionalism.

Justin Bieber deserves more respect
Justin Bieber on a hike

Justin Bieber and the rest of us all have 24 hours in a day, if he spent all that time taking pictures with fans and not getting that “refresh,” he needs which seem to include, God, sports and even personal time with his fans on his own terms, then he’s not going to provide the music you eagerly await to drop.

He’s not going to have energy to start another world tour. And I don’t think many people understand how a tour works. Have you ever looked at the dates? You perform two days in a row, travel (which is technically your day off) and then you wake up and you’re in a new state/country performing again for another two days. And this lasts the whole leg of the tour. Now that’s something Justin Bieber and other talent have signed up for but in their spare time, just like a computer, just like you, they need they time to “recharge,” to give you the best they can give you in their performances, in their music and in life.

The most I can say to everybody who thinks what he did was “wrong,” think about a time when a crush, a friend or anyone in your life has bothered you so much that you felt the exact same way, relate to it and back the heck off. It’s not like (if he did break that phone and it was brought to his managers attention) he wouldn’t replace it. But in reality, if anyone approaches you (and take into consideration recent concert attacks) it could be considered an assault and I would have responded the same way. And if you say “it was still wrong.” Then you’re still missing the point and that is unfortunate. That guy was in his bubble, his space, by his car, shoving a camera in his face, post workout.

I don’t know about you but nobody is going to take a picture with me after my workout unless I feel up to it and if they did try I would tell them to get their phone out of my face, friend or not. It’s getting old to see how little respect people in the world have for Biebs, other talent and even themselves.

All we have to say to the outlets downing him, grow up, get some better news because one day your brand will obsolete, negativity is dying and it only breeds in other negative people. So, grow the hell up and stop downing people, especially if you don’t understand the industry and how it works in real life (not just what you read on the internet).

Blessed be.

In case you forgot how many pictures Justin Bieber takes with his fans, here’s a slide show of Justin Bieber with fans, RECENTLY!

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”148″]


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