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Kesha: “Rainbow – The Film,” is out! And she even had a special screening!

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Kesha: “Rainbow – The Film,” is out! And she even had a special screening!

Kesha’s  “Rainbow – The Film,” is out and she was happier than ever chatting with fans before her special fan screening!

Kesha: "Rainbow - The Film," is out! And she even had a special screening!
Kesha: “Rainbow – The Film,” is out! And she even had a special screening!

Kesha spent some time greeting fans outside The Metrograph before her special fan screening of “Rainbow – The Film.” The event was hosted by Apple Music on Thursday in New York City.

The Adventures of Kesha & Macklemore Tour episode 6!

Kesha looked proud and excited and humbled to be sharing this with her family, friends, and fans.

Just as she should feel after battling a demon. I would never wish what Kesha went through on my worst enemy (if I honestly had one). 

The 31-year-old directed the film alongside her brother Lagan Sebert and Kevin Hayden. The film touches on her creation of the album Rainbow and takes you straight to her heart.

“I executive produced Rainbow which was the first album I’ve ever had complete creative control over and I chose to work with some dear friends like Ben Folds, Drew Pearson, Ricky Reed, and Stuart Crichton among many other amazing and kind humans,” Kesha tweeted. “I’m excited to share my story with you, animals. Thank you for always being there for me, I love you all 💖🦄”

Rainbow - The Film
Rainbow – The Film

Sebert’s creation with Rainbow is near and dear to her heart. “Rainbow – The Film,” is deep, its raw and it shows you just how much strength she has and how hard she fought to continue making music. She opened up to Billboard about the film. And her main goal is to inspire.

“Making Rainbow the album was such a therapeutic process and given the opportunity to turn it into a three-dimensional piece of art has helped me find even deeper healing and catharsis,” Kesha said in a statement about her reasons for making the documentary, according to Billboard. “I hope this film inspires others to never give up even if you feel full of hurt or lost, because after the storm comes a rainbow. Depression, anxiety and mental illness are things we all need to talk about more, and there is no shame in asking for help. Making the decision to work on yourself is the bravest thing you can do. I hope this film helps bring light and love to everyone.”

You can know stream Kesha’s “Rainbow – The Film,” on Apple Music. And if you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out below!

Have you already watched it? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! And no spoilers, please!

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Blessed be!

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Rainbow – The Film trailer.



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