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The Big Bang Theory cast reacts to the shows ending!

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The Big Bang Theory cast reacts to the shows ending!

Can you believe that The Big Bang Theory is ending? All things considered, we’re pretty sure The Big Bang Theory news was a shock to its fans. But the cast is also reacting and it’s giving us the feels.

The Big Bang Theory is ending
The Big Bang Theory is ending

Welllll, you’ve read the title, The Big Bang Theory is ending. As much as it hurts us to announce, Warner Brothers Television, CBS, and Chuck Lorre Productions released a joint statement announcing the upcoming 12th season will be The Big Band Theory’s ending.

“We are forever grateful to our fans for their support of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ during the past twelve seasons. We, along with the cast, writers, and crew, are extremely appreciative of the show’s success and aim to deliver a final season, and the series finale, that will bring ‘The Big Bang Theory’ to an epic creative close.”

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What a heartbreaking announcement. But we have to look at the positive, The Big Bang Theory brought us so many laughs and it also connected with its audience on so many levels. The whole production crew and cast did an amazing job making us fall in love with such fun, unique characters. In fact, these are characters we will never forget and it’s a television show that you can watch over and over, never losing its original moments.

According to the statement “The Big Bang Theory,” made 279 episodes which makes it the longest-running multi-camera comedy (the type filmed in front of a studio audience), in history.

Get your emotions together, there’s more positive news, despite “The Big Bang Theory,” ending, the show got a successful prequel spinoff, “Young Sheldon.” The show will begin its second season on CBS this September!

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Blessed be!

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