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Creating a new beginning into victory!

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Creating a new beginning into victory!

A new chapter, a brand new start. It’s officially 2019. Many ask “What are your plans and goals for this year?”

There’s many people around the world making their plans but only a few of those really accomplish their goals. You may ask yourself but why can’t I do it if others did it? Well it’s easy making goals but it takes a few factors to accomplish them.

What helps turn your dreams into reality?

Constance is one of those factors. It’s a necessity to have constancy in a goal. If you try once and you don’t see results keep at it until you get what you want. The constancy in a person determines the interest in reaching the goal. Keep your constancy!

Patience is the main key to success. If you lose your patience you automatically lose your goal. Don’t expect your goals to be accomplished right away, more than a goal it’s a journey. A journey that doesn’t need to be rushed instead it needs to be enjoyed.

Faith in yourself and what you’re capable of. Don’t lose your faith. Believing in yourself is the strength you need to reach your goal. Dream big! There is no dream that can’t become a reality.

January is the month of dreams and the impossible visions. It’s the beginning of a new year. A new chance to make your dreams a reality the same way I’m trying to do it through this blog.

My purpose here is to try and inspire you all while at the same time I’m building my ladder leading me to my dream. I know I’ve tried starting to putting my dream to work but never really got to the major part of it, but that’s okay.

We all need a little break that makes the continuing more powerful. My mission here on this new journey is to share a blog every week talking about various aspects which will full fill your mind with positivity.


We fail making our dreams real because we focus too much on the distance to it. Giving up on a dream may be caused by negative people and their negative comments. Lack of support may be another one. Little obstacles like these try to stop us from reaching our victory but it’s important to find the strength in your heart. It’s all in you, you’re the shooting star and you choose how far you want to aim.

If you have a goal it’s there for a reason and it won’t go anywhere.

Propose to it with your mind, heart and soul though tomorrow may too late. Don’t just let your dream live in your mind. You’ll never find out if you never take the first step. Make this year a special one. Step on to the victory lane!

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About the author

I’m Cendy Mendoza a 22- year-old from California. My life has been full of struggles from loosing my ability to walk to being in intensive care. Life brings me so many challenges everyday there’s times I feel down and depressed but then I remember life is too short to be focused on the negatives.

How do I get the strength to do it? It’s not easy ignoring what you’re going through but I always find the strength in God and I just focus on the good things life brings me and pretend the negatives don’t exist.

I live my present not the past nor the future. I do the things I love. I maintain my mind distracted so I don’t have space on it for what’s going to make me fall. It’s not easy but if you practice it you’ll build up and when life’s about to knock you down you’ll prove it you’re stronger.

I may not have full strength but my purpose here is to inspire you all from what I’ve experienced. I want to brighten your lives and share weekly inspirational blogs to remind you that no matter what life brings you there’s always light at then end of every tunnel.

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