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Chatterz Photo And EDM Fans Share Their Stories About Das Energi Festival!

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DAS ENERGI Festival “was real,” according to Derrick Shaw, a well-known Salt Lake City EDM photographer, best known for his astronomical abilities to capture the essence and personality of every EDM concert he attends. Derrick Shaw has EXCLUSIVELY given us an inside look at how the fans vibes can be for those that attend V2 shows and this years 2015 DAS ENERGI Festival, stating:

11201838_721928854580555_3182273751732408250_n“The fans at V2 shows have always been nothing short from amazing to me. They have always supported me since I’ve started taking pictures at shows. I used to attend these shows before I became a photographer years ago. Many of the people who I used to hang out with there still support me to this day. I think that Das Energi had a great vibe, everyone was happy that I ran into. If there was one phrase to sum up Das Energi, It would be that, “The Energi was real!”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself man. The event was so large that they had even ran out of parking, literally. They had a school bus transferring people from overflow parking—about a mile down the road from the actual event center at the Great Saltair.

It was totally worth the wait—I mean, we got to sing our childhood favorites like “99 bottles of beer on the wall,” and “the wheels on the bus go round and round,” yes, it was fantastic transportation, I mean we really got to know each other (in every which way possible).

Everybody in overflow really 2015-08-19wanted to see how many people could squeeze on the school bus. It was, interesting, but it was totally worth it.

And there were even three different stages, “Temple of Boom,” “Bass Chamber,” and ” BassHive.” Each of the stages had different EDM artists performing until closing. Kaskade  played in the “Temple of Boom at 1:00am”  And it was one heck of a performance. It truly proved how beautiful EDM has become and how many unite just to celebrate life in general.

EDM is beautiful, everything about EDM is beautiful, it’s the perfect environment to be yourself and give good vibes to every person you meet. And for me, it’s the perfect escape from reality.

The freedom of expression, unity and energy is absolutely electrifying. It’s always had a universal sound and everybody can relate in their own unique way. That means it’s always a bully-free zone. An amazing EDM artist best known for their stage name “Kaskade,” once said,

“As far as a music culture goes, EDM is one who will accept the kids on the outliers, the ones who get bullied, the ones who feel like they may not quite fit in. This community is exceptional in it’s ability to bond all types together, and I am not exaggerating when I say, it saves lives.”


And that’s just one reason I love Kaskade so much, they are real and down to Earth. Utah was pumped to see all the artists but it seems the majority of people were excited for Kaskade and for good reason—the performance was nothing less than amazing.

Each person in attendance had a different story, each amazing and badass as usual. Some fans like Jared Mazur drove over four hours to see the show, stating:

“Drove 5 hours to see Seven Lions. I’d follow him anywhere, he’s unreal good.”

And another fan, Francisco Ayala, who couldn’t wait to see Kaskade again, this marked their third time seeing Kaskade and it made them just as emotional as the first time stating,

“Third time seeing Kaskade and I still got emotional!!! The vibes at das were the best vibes ever, I have been raving since 2010 and for the first tiem ever since EDC I actually enjoyed the vibes this year at das, I met so many friendly people and the music was amazing all night.”

And even experienced ravers like Katie Bear, who jammed out to over 50 other Utah shows, also had a blast and felt the love, stating

“I haven’t been to a Utah event in 5 years but prior to that I had been to roughly, about, 50 Utah shows and to see the love and excitement for the atmosphere that has grown, was incredible, Plus, I could not miss Kaskade. Just let’s not forget to give major credit to who and where it is due. For our memorable moments that happened at Das Energi and for past and future productions, a BIG thank you to everyone who works under/for V2!”

And there were even techies that loved the show, techies like Brendan Warkentin who couldn’t help but notice the amazing special effects, stating:

“Das was absolutely amazing! I loved the awesome fire and lighting effects. And the music and ‘energi’ was spectacular!”

Chatterz Photography

And first-time raver, Ariauna Thompson enjoyed all who performed at the “Temple of Doom,” stating:

“It was my first rave and it was absolutely incredible. I really only saw those performing at the temple of boom. But seven lions was amaaaaazing. And kaskade was incredible.”

Kaia McKinnie thought the beach stage was “beautiful,” stating:

“The basshive!! The beach was absolutely beautiful. My favorite show in 5 years, so well put together.”

That’s what’s up V2, great job once again, we were all super impressed with each stage and all the performers. And even Tanner Pexton thought it was an incredible show, especially because he was celebrating his 5 year anniversary, stating:

“It was my 5 year anniversary rave as the last time I saw Kaskade was in 2010, which was also my first rave. It was an absolutely incredible show, the best I’ve been too in SLC. Every set from Morgan Page to Kaskade was amazing. I really loved that you brought Late Night Alumni on, as I love them, but nobody else knew who they were. 7 lions was probably my favorite set of the night, absolutely fantastic, but the entire show was just awesome. Truly a wonderful experience.”

Addam Gordon-Tichida Silver, truly felt inspired, stating:

The concert was inspirational. It made me feel born again. My view on life is 10 times more beautiful than it was before. It was my first, definitely not my last. ♡♡♡”

I’m sure more than one raver was celebrating their 21st birthday during the DAS ENERGI Festival. And Star Lite felt like it was the best way to jam out and celebrate, stating:

“BEST way to celebrate my 21st birthday. The vibes were great, everyone looked super rad and the energy was amazing. It was my first show in SLC & def won’t be my last. Flux was incredible as usual and I was super stoked to see Kaskade & Seven lions. Both of them killed it. Definitely a night I won’t be forgetting”

Chatterz Photography

And Alex McIsaac was pumped to see Seven Lions and she loved the energy, stating:

“While I love many of the other Das Energi artists, I was definitely most excited for Seven Lions. I’ve completely fallen in love with his music over the past year. I’m someone who once hated Dubstep, but has always loved Trance. He has this incredible ability to mix the two so beautifully. His song Worlds Apart means everything to me. I’ve been though a lot in he past couple of years, but every time I put on that song, all my pain and all my worries are gone. It was my favorite part of the night to get to see him and really feel the music and the energy he brought to the stage that night. <3”

And you can always count on positive people being there. Oni Jayde noticed the positive vibes and love that filled the air, stating:

“Das Energi was filled with so much love and positive vibes!! I fall in love at every time I go to the the Salt Air!! Kaskade was incredible, I got the chills constantly and maybe even teared up at how beautiful his music was live Das and every event by V2 definitely brings friends together, it’s truly incredible.”

Kayla Jukes, described it as “mind-blowing,” and that it was, no doubt. Make sure to check V2 for the official uploaded photos from the one and only Derrick Shaw—and make sure to like his page because of his pictures and beyond perfection.

All the Artists did an excellent job, keeping everybody alive and feeling the music. It was truly a great experience and a big shout-out to Kaskade for the sick J-dawg(Justin Bieber), set. It was bad as heck!

Don’t forget to follow Derrick Shaw on Instagram!

Blessed Be!


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