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V2 Presents: The Get Freaky 2018 lineup has arrived!

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V2 Presents: The Get Freaky 2018 lineup has arrived!

V2 Presents puts together incredible music festivals. DAS Energi 2018 just wrapped up and now it’s time to get ready for Get Freaky 2018!

V2 Presents: Get Freaky 2018 lineup has arrived!
V2 Presents: Get Freaky 2018 lineup has arrived!

V2 Presents is the leading electronic dance music promoter in Utah and is at the core of Salt Lake City’s growing EDM scene. The company has established a firm footing in the state and shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

The whole V2 team works hard to make every event the best experience for those who love to dance the night away. And it’s not just big shows with several high-profile headliners. V2 has put together Therapy Thursdays, which features different artists every Thursday at Sky in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Along with the Thursday event, V2 has been hosting an additional event on Wednesdays, called Energi Wednesdays. This energy-packed summer concert series also takes place at Sky.

For now, at least, that makes two nights every week we can count on for getting our dance on, while we prepare for another amazing lineup at Get Freaky 2018! Sky features a full bar for those who are 21+. However, for Energi Wednesdays specifically, they still allow anyone 18+ to join the party.

V2 continues to showcase their commitment to quality entertainment, diversity, and a serious amount of love put into every show.

In the wake an incredible DAS Energi 2018, it’s time to get ready to get our freak on at V2 Presents’ “Get Freaky” rave at the Great Saltair.

The lineup for Get Freaky 2018 just dropped, and it’s hot. The festival will be featuring artists such as Zomboy, Flux Pavilion, Boombox Cartel, Doctor P, Black Gummy, and many more!


Get Freaky 2018, will be a 2-day event, starting on October 27, and ending on October 29th after midnight!

PCG magazine will be attending the event and can’t wait to review it. DAS Energi was absolutely amazing, and we know V2 has incredible things in store for upcoming events.

If you’re interested in grabbing tickets, they go on sale Friday, August 31st at 10 A.M., MT.  You can stay up-to-date on all the fun news by following the Get Freaky 2018 Facebook page.
Don’t miss your chance to get freaky and indulge in PLUR culture with everyone at this Get Freaky 2018!

Blessed be.


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