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DAS Energi Full review!
Das Energi full review 2018!

It’s back, DAS Energi returned to Salt Lake City on August 17-18. PCG magazine attended both days and the full review for DAS Energi 2018 is in, from performers to mother nature attempting to take us down, we rose above the challenge and all had a great time.

Are you ready for our Das Energi full review?!

DAS Energi has been going for over 6-years now and it’s going strong. Can you guys believe it?

The 2018 year marks the 7th year of DAS Energi and it’s success at bringing the best EDM artists to our party castle. V2 Presents is the leading promoter in Utah and they’re always bringing DAS Energi up a notch with better production, lineup and overall experience.

Headliners included Kaskade, Deadmau5, Dillon Frances, Rezz, What So Not, and Chris Lake. 

And they did not hold back, it was absolutely unforgettable, so if you haven’t been yet, seriously, put it on your bucket list for next year. But we can’t forget that V2 Presents throws shows all year and the next one is “Get Freaky!” 

What is DAS Energi Festival?

Das Energi is a two-day festival that takes place at The Great Saltair, about 20 minutes away from Salt Lake City. The Great Saltair is a giant castle that leads out to the Salt Flats. The fact that The Great Saltair is in (basically) the middle of nowhere, events are able to pump up the jams and bring on that bass.

Who doesn’t want to part on a sandy beach, with beautiful mountains surrounding the North, East, West, and South? The Das Energi Festival is made up of three stages, Energi Field (main stage), Synergy Station (indoor stage), and Galactic Flats (beach stage).

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DAS Energi Full Review

The Energi Field is a jaw-dropping stage. It has three levels for visuals.

DAS Energi 2018: Day One review!
DAS Energi 2018 at The Great Saltair

Artists are usually DJing from the first level, the stage includes fire, smoke and they even ended with some fireworks.

The Synergy Field stage and Energi Field provide a lot of room to dance. And the indoor stage has a food stand on the bottom (their hamburger and fries are the bomb) and a bar.

The Galactic Flats features a huge disco ball with literally flame throws fire through the center, while it spins. It’s on the beach and is a great time. You get to feel that breeze, and dance to loud music with the sand under your feet.

V2 Presents takes keeping their EDM family safe, so they’ve also set out water stations throughout the venue and cool off areas. Heat can reach 100 degrees. The Merch vendors were mostly located outside on the beach for this year’s DAS Energi 2018.

The beach was also decorated with different places for festival goers to rest, take pictures and beautiful DAS Energi lights, that absolutely glow the moment the sun goes down.

It’s such a beautiful festival, one where you make friends, laugh, relax and dance the night away, forgetting about all your worries.

Das Energi – Day 1

DAS Energi kicked off its day one festival on Friday (August 17). The doors opened at 5 P.M., and by the time we arrived, it was 6:30 P.M. And that was right on time because the show had already started and parking was filling up fast.

Brain Blurr was playing and he really had the crowd going, it wasn’t packed but everyone was dancing, playing with their hula hoops and just having a good time with their friends.

Brian Blurr at DAS Energi 2018!
Brian Blurr at DAS Energi 2018!

Brian’s performance was awesome, I had never heard of Brian Blurr until we saw him at DAS Energi, if you haven’t heard a lot of his music, be sure to follow him on Instagram. He uploaded a picture about how pumped he was to be performing at DAS Energi 2018.

“@brianblurr: Super excited to be rockin’ the Synergy Station on Friday! Check out that 🔥 line up!!! Wooo! Set times coming soon! #dasenergi #dasenergi18 #v2presents #Synergystation #saltair #raveday #edm #house #djs #letsdothis”

However, all was going wonderfully until about 8:00 P.M., when the Salt Lake City weather decided to go ape sh*t, the winds were picking up, blowing sand around and then the lightning started and it was literally striking the beach.

But there’s also the cherry on top, to make matters worse, due to unforeseen severe weather conditions, the heavy winds resulted in the injury of one attendee. The incident occurred during SHARPS performance. The structure fell on the patron and led the event to be shut down. Thankfully, the attendee only suffered from minor cuts and bruises.

You know, it’s one of an artists biggest fears. Whether you’re on set or managing a music festival, lights are large, they are heavy and there have been incidents of production assistants who were struck by a light, hit in the head and unfortunately, didn’t make it.

That’s why it’s always important to think about safety first.

V2 had no problem at getting everyone rounded up and inside (even though it was packed) and kept safe. They announced the situation to everybody and invited people to stay in their cars until the weather passes, chill inside or people choose to leave.

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Also, they took to social media to announce the turn of events at DAS Energi.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances and unpredictable weather, Das Energi Festival night 1 was temporarily shut down and outdoor stages evacuated for the safety of our patrons.

Unexpected high winds, lightning storms, and heavy rain caused the shutdown at approximately 8:15 PM on Friday, August 17th. This decision was in the best interest of festival attendees, and made to ensure the safety of our patrons.

The situation is currently being evaluated, but the festival plans to re-open tonight if all safety parameters are met.”


DAS Energi After The Storm!

“Even mother nature could not stop the Energi! The storm has passed and patrons are welcome to come back in. We are extending the closing time tonight to 3AM”
Energi Field.”

2-3AM Kaskade
1-2AM Dillon Francis
12-1AM What So Not

Synergy Station

2-3AM Rabbit in the Moon
1-2AM Paul Van Dyk
12-1AM Tritonal
11-12AM Morgan Page

“Thank you all for working with us during the safety evacuation. We welcome all ticket holders to come back. The re-entry policy is as follows:

All Single-Day Pass holders should have received a Green Get Lucky wristband upon exiting. If you did not receive a wristband please bring your proof of purchase back to the gates for re-entry.


All 2-Day Pass holders who’ve already entered once may re-enter through the 2-Day Pass entrance on the East side of the venue.

All Single-Day and 2-Day Pass holders entering for the first time tonight will enter through the normal entrances.

The Galactic Flats stage will be closed for the remainder of the night.”

The electricity of DAS Energi Festival didn’t die.

Those who choose to stay and wait out the weather for over two-hours spent time talking, making new friends, doing light shows, taking pictures with one another, laughing, and just plain out having a good time.

It was amazing to watch everyone just PLUR. People were sharing their water, fanning one another, playing the childhood game “Duck Duck Goose,” and even chanting positive things about DAS Energi festival.

Despite the fact mother nature turned on DAS Energi, the fun continued on through the night.

Obviously, it wasn’t what we all expected, under those circumstances, V2, ravers, the crew and everyone involved did an awesome job at making sure our well-being was kept in a safe zone. After DAS Energi Festival, many attended after parties (something to add to my next V2 experience bucket list).

Das Energi Full Review, Day 2!

Despite, a few hold-backs during day one of the DAS Energi Festival, it was announced the stage outside was fixed and the schedule would stay as listed online and our VIP badges. It was going to be a fun night. And we weren’t wrong, the headliners that night were f*cking amazing.

The second day of Das Energi was going to be unforgettable.

The headliners DeadMau5, Rezz, Chris Lake, Nightmre B2B, Snails, Haywyre, and Krane did an amazing job, as did all their openers.

DAS ENERGI FULL REVIEW 2018!There were so many people dancing and even a mosh pit.

One of our favorite EDM artists was Anna Lunoe is an Australian DJ, vocalist, songwriter, and producer, living in Los Angeles, California.

Previously, Lunoe has performed at the biggest festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, TomorrowWorld, Hard Summer, and Ultra.

Damn, she gives a great performance. Interacting with the crowd, making us sing, playing dope tracks, I don’t think she could have done better, more importantly, we were grateful to have her at DAS!

It was awesome to see her interact with the fans, we could definitely see her headlining future EDM shows, including (hopefully) DAS Energi 2019 again, next year.

If you didn’t get to attend DAS Energi 2018, next year, you have to feel the positive electricity of DAS!

Nonetheless, if you don’t live in Utah, it’s totally worth a road trip.

And if you did get a chance to attend, what’s your DAS Energi full review? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget, if you’re enjoying the positive vibes, be sure to subscribe to our positive celebrity, film, and entertainment news!

Blessed be!


Das Energi 2018 | Salt Lake City, UT | The Great Saltair |



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