DAS Energi 2017: Zedd, Knife Party, Diplo and Adventure Club announced! | Positive Celebrity News and Gossip

DAS Energi 2017: Zedd, Knife Party, Diplo and Adventure Club announced!

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DAS Energi 2017: Zedd, Knife Party, Diplo and Adventure Club announced!

“Peace is the calmness you find with those around you, and also inside yourself. It’s tough, we often have to work at it, but when you’re at peace with others, with ourselves and with our planet, only good can come of it. Love is the caring you feel for friends, for strangers, for those in need and also for caring that you show for yourself. It’s symbolic, it’s about sharing whatever energy you put into something will be returned to you. Once you have peace and love, unity follows in that you can appreciate other people and other things, and this appreciation allows you to work together with them, or spend time together with them, and otherwise support them even if you don’t always agree with them.  Respect is respecting others who don’t respect you. You can’t expect people to respect you unless it starts somewhere, and that somewhere isn’t going to start unless YOU make a difference. you cannot rely on other people, that’s a lack of Respect.”

Do you guys feel that PLUR? The peace, the love, the unity, the respect. And we can’t forget the biggest part, the electricity filling your body with each drop. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, the ‘connected,’ feeling you get with everybody around you is unforgettable and that’s what we feel every year at DAS Energi Festival. Your energy fills the arena (or Saltair in our case) as you dance the night away, feeling nothing but pure joy.

That’s what DAS Energi is all about and we’re super pumped for this years teasing line up. If you haven’t heard yet it’s been confirmed that Zedd, Knife Party, Diplo and Adventure Club will be partying with us at this years 2017 Das Energi Festival! And recent speculation says the rest of the line-up will be just as exciting.

Chatterz Photo And EDM Fans Share Their Stories About Das Energi Festival! ]

Das Energi is held in the middle of nowhere around 30 minutes southwest of SLC at the best venue in the valley The Great Saltair. Or what we like to call it ‘The Castle.” So, if you don’t live in the Salt Lake Valley, we can assure you that the road trip is part of the fun and it’s completely worth the drive, especially this year, it’s going to be LIT!

Das Energi will be a two-day event starting on August 18-19. You can buy VIP and single Day Passes starting Monday, May 8, 2017 at 10:00 a.m., stay tuned for the rest of the line-up and if you’re interested in possibly winning a pair of 2 Day Passes to Das Energi 2017, check out their official Facebook page and share their latest announcement. And you can check out some of last years photos by checking out Chatterz Photography! He’s the best EDM photographer in the valley! We love him!

Blessed be.

Check out Das Energi 2016! Get pumped for Das Energi 2017!!!!!!

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