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What Chris Cornell’s death is teaching us about suicide and emotions!

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What Chris Cornell’s death is teaching us about suicide and emotions!

I remember the first time I saw Chris Cornell in concert. It was with my friend that I went to High School with when I lived in Las Vegas. I remember that a fan had taken his life to one of Audio Slaves songs and he had us all hold his lighter up and “remember him.”

Suicide is such a hard subject. And it makes me sad just like it does many of my readers. And today I even found out that two friends from High School took their life.

Why is this happening? Can someone please tell me why we are so afraid to talk about our emotions? We shouldn’t be afraid to seek help no matter what you’re going through in life. And to those reading this that have thought about suicide, we have all been there, I may not know you, I may not know your situation but many of us have had those very feelings.

Please know that you will get through this and there are outlets of help you can seek if you truly are embarrassed to talk about the problems your facing. There are websites that offer complete anonymous chats and you can even check out Reddit they have a “Suicide Watch,” area on their board where you can create a throw-away name and talk to strangers about how you’re feeling. And there are always people awake looking to make a positive impact in the life of those who are down.

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While we may not know what caused Chris Cornell to take his life. It’s obvious that one cause may have been pain but this is just speculation because the family has been hoping the full autopsy will reveal that this wasn’t Chris’s Cornell’s own idea.

Regardless, the subject of suicide has come up and it’s sparked conversation. There’s nothing wrong with a reminder. I can only hope that the speculation about it being his own will is false. And that the family will find peace in knowing it was an accident.

The important thing to remember is that life is precious. We are live today and in this moment but we are never promised a tomorrow. In fact, we are not promised another second and that’s why it’s important to take action in your life, realize your worth and understand that happiness is around the corner even in the darkest times.

If you ever need to talk to someone you can also contact suicide hotlines and chats. But ultimately, it would be important to seek help from a certified therapist.

I hope that one day we can cross suicide off the list as “an option.” Reach out and take someone’s hand. Don’t forget to that help is always there for you.

Blessed be.

Chris Cornell, Lead Singer Of Soundgarden And Audioslave

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