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Kesha gives a strong and emotional performance and speech!

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Kesha gives a strong and emotional performance on one year anniversary!

Kesha had such a heart-warming performance of “Praying,” on the 1st year anniversary of its release (7/6/2018).

Kesha gives a strong and emotional performance on one year anniversary!
Kesha performing “Praying,” in Michigan! Filmed by Penn @crazykeshafans

The song was emotional and could have been such an evolving feeling. During her Salt Lake City, Utah performance we all had our lights on because the songs impact on not just Kesha but everybody in the arena that has or may be facing a trial.

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The monsters just lie and Kesha delivered an amazing performance in Michigan.

We know that Kesha worked on this album during a time when things weren’t perfect. But she’s living proof that we can achieve and go through anything is thrown in our life.

Kesha knows that first hand that’s what “Prayer,” is about, it’s about strength. Kesha opened up about singing it, her talking to her fans, telling them how hard it’s been is powerful. And we’re certain the message will touch millions in a positive way.

“I just have to say thank you cause there are some very familiar faces tonight [cheers] and some new faces. I just wanted to say thank you to every person for deciding to spend tonight here with… and for everybody who’s stuck with me… through… you know… you know… [we love you cheers]. I feel like we play, I have so much fun…this song every single time is never quite easy to sing, so I really appreciate it when you guys sing with me. It just brings me back where I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sing new music, standing on stage like this, with you. [cheers]. So, thank you for being patient and for so fucking amazing, so amazing tonight, so amazing always. I love you my animals. I love you. Tonight’s been so much f*cking fun. [crowd cheers Kehsa]. Okay, I will play another song.”

Kesha is a light and an example of staying strong. We adore her positive influence.

Sometimes, we have to fight, forgive and free ourselves from the demons in our lives. Kesha thank you for using your platform to teach, inform and help others through their challenges. But in the end, we do come out stronger.

If you haven’t seen the inspiring performance, check it out below! And don’t forget to subscribe, especially if you like the good vibes on positive celebrity news!

Blessed be.

Kesha performing Praying live on its 1 year anniversary of release 7/6/18 – Michigan

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