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Lexi Scatena: An inspiring singer, songwriter and music journalist!

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Lexi Scatena: An inspiring singer, songwriter, and music journalist!

Lexi Scatena is a 19-year-old pop and soul singer-songwriter.

She’s also working as a freelance music journalist, seeking out the best musicians and helping them get their name out into the world.

Lexi Scatena
Lexi Scatena

Talent exists in so many places, one of them being Reno, Nevada, this is where Lexi Scatena lives, But Lexi grew up in Burlingame, California.

Her mother would often joke about Lexi learning to talk through singing. In fact, she would sing songs on Barney & Friends and Disney movies.

Currently, Lexi has been pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Spanish at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

Tori Kelly will help pay tribute to the Bee Gees during the Grammys!

As a freelance music journalist, Lexi always seeks out talented and inspirational individuals who want to share their music and story.

Even as important, Lexi focuses on making the world a better place through consistently being positive, sharing her voice and her favorite songs.

She’s truly such a Christ-like and loving woman, dedicating her music and life to positivity.

“When it comes to my music, stories, and everyday life, I focus on sharing positivity, inspiration, and truth.”

Lexi loves delivering the message and melody of music. And that’s what drives her love for performing, sharing others inspirational works and going above and beyond.

If you haven’t heard Lexi Scatena’s voice, you will be jaw-dropped in shock. She has a powerful voice, her sound has been described as “pop,” with “a bit of soul.” And any pop or soulful song fits her well. As she has posted individual projects, fans have compared her to other talents within the industry, including Tori Kelly and Camila Cabello.

You can follow Lexi Scatena on Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter and you can check out her official website to learn more.

Don’t forget to check out some of her other covers below as well!

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Blessed be!


Breakven by The Script-Cover by Lexi Scatena || Costa Mesa, CA

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