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The importance of communication in life.

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“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

– Yehuda Berg

The importance of communication in life.

Using your words wisely when communicating is important.

Doing so can prevent the assumptions which arise when a piece of information is missing.

It’s easy to go down the assumption rabbit hole.

After all, it’s pretty easy to let the brain take over and assume the worst. Especially when you don’t have all the puzzle pieces put together, just yet. It’s nearly inevitable for the brain to assume when something means a lot to us in life.

Don’t fry, communication is a dynamic process. And in order to fill in those blanks that drive the mind to assume, understanding communication is vital.

For example, you come up with an idea. Next, you really want to tell someone about this idea (you are the sender of information) to the receiver. In turn, the receiver gives feedback in the form of a message (email, text, in person).

The process looks a little like this according to Business Jargons.


The sender or the communicator is the person who initiates the conversation and has conceptualized the idea that he intends to convey it to others.


The sender begins with the encoding process wherein he uses certain words or non-verbal methods such as symbols, signs, body gestures, etc. to translate the information into a message.

The sender’s knowledge, skills, perception, background, competencies, etc., has a great impact on the success of the message.


Once the encoding is finished, the sender gets the message that he intends to convey.

The message can be written, oral, symbolic or non-verbal such as body gestures, silence, sighs, sounds, etc. or any other signal that triggers the response of a receiver.

Communication Channel:

The Sender chooses the medium through which he wants to convey his message to the recipient.

It must be selected carefully in order to make the message effective and correctly interpreted by the recipient.

The choice of medium depends on the interpersonal relationships between the sender and the receiver and also on the urgency of the message being sent.


The receiver is the person for whom the message is intended or targeted. He tries to comprehend it in the best possible manner such that the communication objective is attained. The degree to which the receiver decodes the message depends on his knowledge of the subject matter, experience, trust and relationship with the sender.


Here, the receiver interprets the sender’s message and tries to understand it in the best possible manner.

Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the message in exactly the same way as it was intended by the sender.


The Feedback is the final step of the process that ensures the receiver has received the message and interpreted it correctly as it was intended by the sender.

Pretty sure they nailed that list.

But why is this important?

Well, when we make assumptions, somewhere along the communication process we misunderstood the sender.

For example, if I just assumed my husband knew I had plans for a lunch date.

Then he tells me he scheduled a GI appointment for me. We can see somewhere there was a gap in communication.

That gap can cause misunderstandings, fights, sadness and many other emotions.

It’s also important to remember communication is irreversible.

You cannot take back what you say to a person.

Once you say something those words will either build someone up or tear them down.

Further, that’s why it’s important to be the person that people will remember because of all the smiles you caused in their life.

Together, we can make the biggest changes in our lives and others. So, if you ever assume to the point where you basically don’t know the details, reach out and confirm.

It could be a date you went on or even something like a work meeting. We are communicating all day, every day.

Use your words wisely.

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Blessed be.

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