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J.K Rowling supports charity Lumos Foundation USA!

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J.K Rowling supports charity Lumos Foundation USA!

Did you know that J.K Rowling (best known for her Harry Potter books and film series), owns the Lumos Foundation USA? But Lumos works around the world to help the millions of children in orphanages and other institutions regain their right to a family. Use the pins on the map below to explore our work further.

It’s great to see the reach of the Lumos Foundation being so widespread.

The charity organization Lumos Foundation USA has brought a lot forward when it comes to creating opportunities for children. Rowling constantly wants to bless the world.

J.K Rowling supports charity Lumos Foundation USA!
J.K Rowling supports charity Lumos Foundation USA!

“My mother died at 45,” she stated. “You’ve got to celebrate every year you’re here and in good health. What’s the alternative to aging? It’s checking out. I still have children to raise, I still have books to write.” Reported by Now to Love.

Lumos Foundation USA has been a success. But it’s about getting more eyes on it, all over the world.

It’s about the children.

Since 2009, Lumos has prevented 20,915 children from entering harmful institutions. We work to keep families together and provide support for children within their communities.

Lumos Foundation USA reach is amazing as well as their reach across the whole globe. They have made attainable future goals.

National Make a Difference to Children Month: Hair Club is taking action!

On goals by 2025:

“We will have national plans for reform in place in countries with large numbers of children in orphanages. There will be advocacy work taking place in every global region dealing with different cultural pressures that cause institutionalisation of children. Globally, major funders will divert funds away from institutions and into community-based services. We’ll have research-based evidence available about what works in each different region.”

On goals by 2035:

“We will have helped 4 million children to leave institutions or prevented them from entering them in the first place. We will have trained more than 100,000 professionals and policy-makers to deliver community-based services. There will be clear, research-based evidence available on better outcomes for children that is tailored for different parts of the world.”

On goals by 2050:

“There will be no more children living in institutions anywhere in the world. All countries will have community-based services to support all children living with their families. At least $15 billion of major donor funding will have been leveraged to fund global deinstitutionalisation, including from the World Bank, the European Union and the US Government.”

The Lumos Foundation has helped thousands of people and it’s ready to help more. If you can’t donate, please feel free to share, it can go a long way when it comes to social media. Let’s get Lumos Foundation USA trending.

Did you guys know about Lumos? Sound off in the comments below!

Blessed be.


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