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DAS Energi Festival day 1 review!

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DAS Energi 2018 day 1 review: V2 makes the best out of extreme weather and more!

DAS Energi 2018: Day One review!
DAS Energi 2018: Day One review!

The most anticipated EDM festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, DAS Energi was a success even when mother nature tried to steal the night from our fam!

First of all, let’s all try to forget about the negative regarding yesterdays thunderstorm. Regardless, those that stayed, had an awesome time dancing the rest of their night away.

DAS Energi 2018 kicked off its day one festival on Friday (August 17). Doors opened at about 5 P.M., and by the time we got there at 6:30 P.M., the show had already begun and everyone there was dancing, and getting ramped up for the night.

Due to unforeseen circumstances at around 8:15 P.M., Salt Lake City, Utah’s bi-polar weather took a turn for the worse messing with two of the stages outside. V2 Presents handled the situation in the best way possible. Wind speeds were high, it was raining and the team had to do what they could to keep their EDM family safe.

The show was down for about 2-hours but V2 didn’t stop, they took all the time needed to sort out all of the different issues the weather caused, for those who don’t understand, you have to deal with talent, timing, schedules, over time, building safety and Utah law. The team did exactly as they were supposed to do in a rain or shine event. And it would have been impossible to pack all the bodies outside, inside as well.

DAS Energi 2018: Set Times, Festival map and more! 

Most noteworthy, ravers chose to stay and others left but the devoted ones stayed and they had a great time.

The music may have gone off but DAS Energi 2018 brought something special to all of us who choose to stay, everyone was still happy, people were playing “Duck Duck Goose,” while waiting for the show to come back on for the night. Our EDM family had time to make friends and talk and really get to know one another.

The love really showed, especially viewed from the VIP area, we all got to see it happen, the “Duck Duck Goose,” the girl dancing in her puke and still having a good time, everyone clapping for the janitor after he cleaned up that mess and so much more. And the staff was handing out water bottles for free to everyone. It was absolutely just a great experience. DAS isn’t just about the music.

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DAS Energi 2018: Day One review!
DAS Energi 2018

Yeah, meeting up and jumping to your favorite jams is a blast but being able to make new friends, talk, play games literally creates so many memories to your DAS Energi experience. It’s great that we got to celebrate the rest of the night as well.

That my friends is what DAS Energi is all about, it’s all PLUR.

Now, let’s stay tuned for DAS Energi 2018 day 2.

As of this morning, all stages are back up and running according to V2 presents.

“The festival is on schedule for Day 2, Galactic Flats will be reopened and all advertised set times for Day 2 are still valid. Gates will open at 5 PM.

If you purchased a Single Day Friday ticket and never made it into the festival we will be honoring your ticket tonight. You must bring your physical ticket or your online pdf. Single Day Friday ticket holders who entered the festival and left the festival grounds will not be allowed entrance to Day 2.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. The Energi will be in full force tonight! 🔋”

Amazing, not even the mother nature could take away the the electrifying experience of DAS Energi

Don’t forget to find  Chatterz Photography, Derrick Shaw. 

He has a dope new camera and always takes amazing pics, it’s a new day, with new weather, make the best of it and have a f*cking great time.

What did you think about day one of DAS Energi 2018? What was your favorite experience sound off in the comments below! Feel free to drop a picture and we’ll be sure to add it to our full review gallery! And if you’ve been enjoying the vibes, be sure to subscribe to our positive celebrity newsletter. That way you can stay up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip, film and entertainment news.

Blessed be!

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DAS Energi 2018 – The Sailtair


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