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Ellen DeGeneres to receive The Carol Burnett Award in 2020!

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Ellen DeGeneres to receive The Carol Burnett Award in 2020!

Ellen DeGeneres to receive The Carol Burnett Award in 2020. Check it out right here on positive celebrity gossip and entertainment news!
ELLEN’S GAME OF GAMES — “Say Whaat Women Want” Episode 209 — Pictured: Ellen DeGeneres — (Photo by: Mike Rozman/NBC)

Ellen DeGeneres is truly one of the most charitable humans on the planet. In fact, she’s receiving the humanitarian award called The Carol Burnett Award.

Further, the award is presented to someone who went above and beyond contributions to the world, on and off-screen.

Did you know the Carol Burnett Award was first introduced last year at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards?

With this in mind, you might remember the first person to receive the award was Carol Burnett.

Isn’t it true and safe to say that when we give back to the world, the good karma comes rolling in and it’s a positive feeling?

Most importantly, it’s a feeling we all deserve to feel when we go above and beyond, the purpose of life is to leave the world better than we found it.

HFPA president Lorenzo Soria opened up about the award and spoke about The Carol Burnett Award.

“From her sitcoms, to stand-up, to becoming a household staple on daytime television, she is a pioneer who has captivated audiences for nearly 25 years with her undeniable charm and wit.

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In addition to her television success, she’s an advocate and philanthropist, lending her voice to those who don’t have one, and spreading kindness and joy through the power of her platform. We look forward to celebrating her achievements at this year’s ceremony.”

Ultimately, it’s the one thing that Ellen DeGeneres has strived to do from the start of her career.

Just as important Portia de Rossi must feel extremely proud of her love. It’s always refreshing to see your family and friends reach new levels of success within their career goals.

Stay tuned, the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 5, 2020.

Lastly, what are some of your favorite charities?

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Blessed be!

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