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American Idol 2018 recap shows brings tears and happiness!

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 American Idol 2018 recap shows brings tears and happiness!

American Idol 2018 second rounds!

American Idol 2018 is so good that I’m officially comfort eating out of stress for the contestants (no shame). The second rounds in Los Angeles were heated, filled with happiness and tears. It was hard to control my emotions at times but also understandable the cuts must happen. If you missed the show here’s a recap of American Idol 2018 and their second rounds in Los Angeles.

Wig, wig and wig to ALL contestants in the second rounds of American Idol 2018! (Ya’ll blew my wig from here to Romania). Unfortunately, 145 of you were sent back to the hotel to pack your bags and begin the journey again but not without a lesson, more power, motivation and love in your hearts.

The judges (in my opinion, make a fantastic team, they bounce off one another nicely, make the audience laugh and have fun with their contestants). But at the end of the day, they have to make some hard decisions to make, just as Lionel Richie said to the large crowd (March 26, 2018) and their contestants “If you have an A-game, bring it.”

Wig. And so it begins, the first fortanuate singers to survive were Layla Springs (Kentucky), Alyssa Rhagu (who is only 15-years-old and has so much time for her voice to develop, no surprise they kept her, not in my eyes, she’s phenomenal), goat farmer Trevor McBane and Caleb Lee Hutchinson. But the biggest American Idol 2018 wig moment (for me) was Noah Davis, he performed “Mama Knows Best,” originally sang by Jessie J.

Noah Davis on American Idol 2018

Noah Davis was so pleased to hear he would be moving onto the next round, he (as always replied in the best way possible). He said

“The wig was snatched. It flew, it soarded, I’m bald. Wig moment for sure.”

But it wasn’t all easy, even the judges had a hard time figuring out who to keep and who they had to let go. The twin brothers may be in it together but their performances were separate, which means they also had to be judged as individuals. Milo performed with all his heart as did his brother. But his brother Julian didn’t make it after singing “Love’s In Need of Love Today,” by Stevie Wonder. Milo made it through to the next rounds (but the love, their bond, their dedication, there’s no doubt in mind that they will stay close during this competition. My personal thoughts are Milo and Julian will always work together and help one another achieve success).

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Remember Kendee Rittenhouse who nailed Katy Perry’s “Firework,” during audition week? Katy Perry was absolutely blown away by her performance and even said “she performed it better than me” But it wasn’t enough and she was sent to pack her bags. Rittenhouse wasn’t alone, Kristyn Harris and Joshua Ward were also sent back to their hotels to pack up and (hopefully, not give up but come back even stronger).

Zach and Catie Turner

And now the part of the show that made me stress eat… Catie Turner from Pennsylvania (who could also be a fantastic comedian in my eyes) and her new friend Zach D’Onofrio were ready to perform and hopefully make it to American Idol’s 2018’s next round. And while Catie Turner turned that stage upside down (in all the best ways) Zach D’Onofrio did not make the cut (which many on social media do not understand, the love for these two to succeed together was real for viewers) as well. Catie Turner pulled through to the next round by performing an amazing rendition of an oldie but goodie “Come Together,” by The Beatles (congrats girl). Zach may have not made it through to the next round but his performance of “Cry Me a River” by Michael Buble wasn’t enough to keep him in the running.

Maddie Poppe, Jonny Brenns, and Jurnee (who is an army wife from Denver, Colorado) and Dennis Lorenzo made it through like it was cake. And we couldn’t be prouder of these guys as they truly let their colors shine bright through the arena.

Let’s not forget “dreamboat,” Trevor Holmes who returned to the stage. And his performance was solid, which got him to the next round. And if you remember Katy Perry absolutely loved Holmes style, voice and well, he’s the whole package, which is likely why his girlfriend yelled from the audience “I’m watching you,” at Katy Perry but it didn’t phase her as she laughed and replied “Well, it’s not your fiance,”  She joked. The love triangle continues after he pulls through and makes it to the next round and we can’t wait to see what happens next week on this years American Idol 2018.

These three are keeping things fun, don’t you think?

We shouldn’t forget familiar faces David Francisco, Daniel Etheridge, Cameron Theodos and Griffin Tucker, who all did not make the cut for the next round on American Idol. But that doesn’t mean they have lost any chance at success because their talent shines bright. That’s not going to change (getting sent home can go two ways, you give up or you try harder) and these guys are the type that will come back to American Idol 2019 next year, stronger. And you never know what that’ll bring.

Things get intense after the second hour of the show begins. The contestants are all thrown into different groups (reminds me of high school choir, lol) and had just one night to learn harmonies, words and create a choreography for their songs. Katy Perry even felt the struggle was real but only due to the fact that Hollywood and the music business is often this intense. She said:

“It’s a real crash course in what the music business is like.”

God’s Diversity

First up was “God’s Diversity,” and they did their performance of Clean Bandit’s Grammy-winning hit “Rather Be.” Members Michael J. Woodard, Thaddeus Johnson Shannon O’Hara and Kourtney Smith sang their hearts out. “Take notes, kids, because they just delivered,” Perry stated.

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Marcio Donaldson, Celsey Parrish and Maddie Zahm “The Gurope,” live to see another round in the American Idol 2018 season. But Samuel James was eliminated.

Superdope Hotness end up with some troubles when his momager disagrees with the groups song choice by Justin Bieber “Love Yourself.” She (of course) as a mother is looking out for her son and the groups best interests, throwing in her own feedback and eventually convincing Milo Sposato to make some last minute changes to the groups already prepared performance. The changes were to have Milo’s portion of the performance in a capella. Even with disagreements the group did an amazing job and the judges loved the changes made to Milo’s part in the song.
Milo Sposato, Aname Rose, Deonte Baker, Dennis Lorenzo and William Casanova were safe and went forward to the next round of American Idol 2018.

Ada Vox

Ada Vox, Kay Kay, Chekera Barrett and JoMarc Dee from their group “DNA,” performed “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo during Hollywood Week on American Idol 2018. Gabby Barrett and Christina Jones got the hatchet.

We all know that Justin Bieber is a popular song and that’s why it was sang twice in the performance. Soul 4’s became the third group to sing the hit and nailed it. Laine Hardy wasn’t quite excited by the song choice, he had not listened to Justin Bieber as much as other artists and it was a tough change but he did a great job learning quickly and made it through with Kaitlann Runnels. And American Idol 2018 had to say goodbye to Mia Desaris and Juliana Madrid.

The last group “Don’t Touch,” wanted to push the limits are far as they could with “Me And My Broken Heart.” The fourth group, the final group and the final cuts for the night brought on some heat when Katy Perry asked one of them to voluntarily leave. Quietly, Britney Holmes, Lee Vasi, Gabby Jones and Crystal Alicea stare at one another, unsure of what their next move will be (I mean how hard would it be to voluntarily leave)? If you missed it, Crystal, through tears volunteers to leave but Katy Perry was just joking (nearly giving the whole group a heart attack) as they all made it through to the next round, what an amazing heart Crystal has, don’t you agree?

Next week American Idol 2018 will bring us the news of who the top 24 will be in their step to fame. What do you guys think of the show so far? And who do you think will be America’s next “American Idol?” Let us know in the comments below.

Blessed be and good luck to the remaining contestants, ya’ll are rockin’ it

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