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Why is Kesha a good influence in our world today?

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Why is Kesha a good influence in our world today?

Be Yourself. Unapologetically.

Over the years, Kesha Sebert has gone above and beyond to make a difference. Most importantly, she strives to be her authentic self and ceases to apologize.

With that in mind, it’s easy to touch on how important it is to be yourself and be proud. Being you, to the absolute fullest and being proud has major benefits.

For example, think about the people around you, don’t you ever find yourself questioning someone’s honesty?

But fortunately, by doing so, you’ll find your friends will be more honest, and instead of talking crap behind your back, they’ll offer words of support.

The entertainment news tabloids find every reason possible to tear a person down when they can and even shout them out for positivity and it’s all by their choice.

In life, who wants a two-faced friend?

Tabloids are the reason many celebrities suffer because they have no idea what will be said about them but Kesha, she doesn’t stand for that, regardless of what tabloids have labeled her (as far as a devil worshipper) she speaks out.

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Truthfully, Kesha has spoken up about animal rights, LGBTQ rights, endless charities, most importantly, abuse.

Unfortunately, many in and out of the entertainment industry have been victims of abuse, including both men and women.

How do you make a change?

Well, the answer is simple, speak up and reach out because that’s how you save a life.

Kesha motha’ fckin’ Sebert brings out the best in others through the use of her platform. She doesn’t stand for being told to “shut up and be what I WANT you to be,” bullshit.

Thankfully, she’s not the only artist who speaks up and takes action.

Shout out to Kesha and her crew for being some of the best examples in the entertainment industry.

Thank you for being a positive influence in our world today, where bullying, hate, judgment, and negative energy fill our environments.

Treat people as you would like to be treated, give more than you take and love endlessly.

Last, if you haven’t checked out her new album “High Road,” be sure to do it because artists share a part of themselves through their music.

Blessed be.

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